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Top Tweets from #Homeworkgate

Dear readers,

We thought you’d enjoy reading a list of some of the top tweets from today’s #HomeWorkGate scandal.  Feel free to add any good ones you saw – as a comment.


Dave and Jeremy


@RichieBenaud_ It is very clear why Watson is upset about being banned from the Mohali Test. He has made 50% of his centuries at that ground.

@scgmacgill BREAKING NEWS: Julia Gillard stands down as PM, Mickey Arthur takes the top job. ALP sources suggest the focus was on a seamless transition

@AltCricket Coach only asked for three points but Moises gave him ten commandments.

@rdhinds So Australia has drawn a line in the sand. An important first move for any beach cricket team.

@AltCricket #ThatAwkwardMoment when Australia become Pakistan.

@TestMatchSofa Just realised I’ve spent longer on Arthur’s homework than Mitch, Usman, Patto and Watto put together. #homeworkgate

@AltCricket Dave Warner copied his homework off Ed Cowan.

@kokeeffe49 Australian team scorer ( paper cut ) and baggage manager (hand blister ) are to be given to 11th hour to prove fitness for Mohali Test !!

@dmartyn30 1 thing still bothers me- how did matt wade play basketball but get his homework finished on time?! #teacherspet

@thecricketcouch: Homework or Work from Home #youprefer

@AresMarsFlackWatson suspended from Test team, loses pen licence #INDvsAUS @FlackNews

@cmmanish Clarke suddenly has 4 less friends on FB #IndvsAus

@Testmatchsofa Do you reckon Arthur rubbed salt in the wound by showing them all Prof. Cowan’s 30k word submission replete with notes and bibliography?

So @jimmaxcricket what do you call 7 blokes stood in a paddock? The Australian cricket team 🙂


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  1. “I told Coach three times I’d play better this test, and would pray for the team five days in a row” (The Freak.) “He told me to get out. He couldn’t suspend everyone”

  2. Best one I heard on ABC702 this morning was along the lines of – after the way we played in the 2nd test best punishment would be for those 4 to play and everyone else given the test off.

  3. I told Coach I had already taken a few wickets. Did he want me to bat up the order as well?

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