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July 30 – Mix and Match Formal Attire

T minus 2 Manchester is welcoming enough, and mercifully a little more low key than London.  Our Kensington base was being staked out by desperate paparazzi, who clearly have nothing to do now that Prince George has popped out healthy and is safe in his crib.  For some reason they seem determined to get a shot of The Kid and ...

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July 29 – Midnight Manoeuvres

The Captain approved Puff’s simple plan to upset the English and read it to us: “Objective: Infiltrate the English hotel at 12.02. Seal Team 1 enters first on the ground floor, followed by Seal Team 2 from the roof. Extraction: Exit through the back door by 12.20. The Prof, Lucky and Darcy are ST1.  The Freak and you [Ed. Me] ...

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July 28 – It’s a Fizzer

Day 3 – Aust Vs Sussex The County match fizzled out to nothing.  We could not dismiss them inside 100 overs because Trapper and The Kid couldn’t hold onto the catches (7/368).  They could not dismiss us (2/152) because they lost interest. Puff is due at Gatwick tomorrow, expecting to play at Old Trafford.  Mr Bean is cock-a-hoop.  “I’m certain ...

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July 27 – Push and Shove at Hove

Day 2 – Aust Vs Sussex We managed to keep away from Lucky through last night, hoping he’d calm down a little after the fake DRS incident yesterday.  He was just broody this morning over breakfast, so we concluded that the threat of actual physical violence had subsided. The Prof was not happy at the prospect of being out in ...

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July 26 – Runs at Hove

Day 1 – Aust Vs Sussex I’m not sure what the idea of a practice match is, but I would have thought that it was to practice.  There are so many of the Test players “resting” – backs, tight hammies, bruised egos – that The Prof and I were pressed into service.  There was also a ring-in, another adolescent spinner/batsmen ...

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