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Daily Archives: August 4, 2013

Aug 3 – Three Winning Days in a row!

Day 3 – Third Test It doesn’t get any better that than this as far as The Reject Club goes – a full day in the dressing room with only very occasional interruptions from the egos of the Eleven, with the bowlers doing well enough to ensure that Coach2.0 is not looking for something or someone to kick.  It is ...

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Third Test in Tweets

Plenty of time to sit around in the dressing room looking through Twitter to compile the “Best of” list this afternoon.  Raining steadily now so our other best shot at winning a Test has been washed down the drain with the pork pie crumbs and betting tickets with “whitewash” on them. Enjoy!   Day 1 @rosannacox: Thank god for #TheAshes – ...

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