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Daily Archives: August 15, 2013

Aug 14 – WAGs Manage a Draw.

Last day in D. There may be no better place than Durham to mend the creaking walls of our Ambition, a false stepping shadow of its former self racked by disappointment and for whom there is no other end than to play the slow fool with uncaring Hope.  “Gutted,” Puff said. “Again,” The Prof added noting that we, the perpetual ...

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Aug 13 – Dead Cat Bounce

Day 5 – Fourth Test – Durham The Prof and I joined The Freak and The Natural at breakfast.  Most of the bats were still ‘asleep’, afraid to venture downstairs for the shellacking they so richly deserve from the Hotel staff. We could hear them tiptoeing between bedrooms, no doubt still in their flannel pyjamas. “What are they doing up there?” ...

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