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Fifth Test in Tweets – Day 1

twitterDay 1


@InnoBystander: England saw Aussie weaken their batting considerably, laughed and decided to win with just 9 players…. #cricket #ashes #ragingbunsen

@17thManDiary: Selectors bolster Aussie batting line up for last #Ashes Test. They now bat down to 4.

@mspr1nt: Australia win the toss and elect to have Shane Watson out lbw by lunchtime.

@17thManDiary: Paul the Octopus has done a great job selecting the Aussie team for the Fifth #Ashes Test.

@the_topspin: The Ashes has turned into a contest to see which team can manufacture the longest tail…

@warwicktodd_not: Watto plays the straightening ball with all the finesse of a baby deer on ice

@BoganCricket: Oh fuck, here comes Mr. I’m going to stroll across to the offside and miss the ball completely and be struck plumb in front

@CJ_Coleman: Warner obviously couldn’t find any silicon tape en route to the #Ashes this morning…

@TheCricketGeek: Dave Warner clearly thinks Shane Watson should be opening the batting.

@pavilionopinion: I was sceptical about Lehmann being called a motivational wizard until he managed to inspire Twitter to side with Stuart Broad.

@SaintFrankly: If your car had as many technical flaws as The Wall Street Crash the manufacturer would have a product recall.. #WattoLotto

@Corpse_in_Pads: If a woman woke up next to @BeefyBotham she’d call the police and say, ‘there’s a bloke in my bed pretending he has a brain.’

@SaintFrankly: Time to play #WattoLotto – pick a score between 30-60 that you think The Wall Street Crash will post today.

@NaBaker7: If selection was up to Warney the team would be Faulkner Faulkner Faulkner Clarke Faulkner Faulkner Faulkner Faulkner Faulkner Warne

@jigsactin: Masterclass from England to make sure Australia retain Watson for the second #Ashes leg!

@AltCricket: This is brutal from Shane Watson. It’s like he’s spraying a machine gun at Simon Kerrigan’s hapless Bambi.

@TheCricketGeek: Few points: Debutants rarely do well. 112-1 after losing the toss is ok. Australia are capable of collapsing like cheap garden furniture

@warwicktodd_not: Phil Hughes plays spin with all the confidence of a 15yr old meeting his girlfriend’s father for the first time

@RichieBenaud: Broad bowling like a guy who has been sledged by the opposition coach #Ashes

@warwicktodd_not: Watto is 15 away from a brilliant ton and 5 away from a marvellous 90

@MattKMarsden: And just like that, everyone is Shane Watson’s biggest fan again. #ashes

@thefulltoss: 3 down. England into the tail. Smith’s waft outside off first ball confirms the observation #ashes

@TheCricketGeek: The rev counter really is the cricket coverage equivalent of windscreen wipers on a submarine.

@51allout: 100 for Watson! Meanwhile, my rocking horse has just shat itself. #Ashes

@andy_lee: Our lounge room cheered more for the drop catch than for the 100. That says something… #Ashes

@ZaltzCricket: Cook drops Watson at slip. If not an absolute sitter, it had certainly made itself a cup of tea and was eyeing up an armchair.

@legsidelizzy : Kerrigan on – if I had a cushion I’d be hiding behind it

@ajarrodkimber: Another 50 for the junkyard dog Smith.

@AllOutCricket: Successful review! Truly, it is Watson’s day.

@ajarrodkimber : Is there a shit job in Australia Peter Siddle won’t be asked to do? He’ll be the next PM without putting himself on the ballot.


Day 2 

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