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Fifth Test in Tweets – Day 5

twitter-parody4Well, after an unexpectedly exciting last day of the series, here is how it panned out on twitter.  For your information, I left out a lot of material relating to Warnie’s commentary – it got a bit boring after a while.

The 17th Man


Day 5

@warwicktodd_not: 2 days after getting in, Woakes is out

@RichieBenaud_: There will be marvellous celebrations at the end of today’s play. It will herald the end of all Andrew Strauss commentary.

@RichieBenaud_: I’m glad this series finishes today. My form on twitter has disappeared quicker than Doug Bollinger’s hair

@warwicktodd_not: Starcnado goes through Broad like a hot vindaloo

@RichieBenaud_ : Missing off, missing leg

@VoiceOfCricket : There should be a new law in cricket. You can’t go in for lunch if it is fun..

@rdhinds: England have embarassed themselves by playing shots today. Proved they could have played to win, but were afraid to lose….

@RichieBenaud_: Listening to the sense Shane Warne is speaking on Sky is more disturbing than that time I logged onto RateMyPoo dot com

@RichieBenaud_: Surely this series has time for one final DRS cockup?

@Jeremy_Irvine: Dear Santa, may we please have Ryan Harris fit for all #theashes summer tests please? Thanks!

@thervd : Ashes double entendre of the day. Jim Maxwell praises Broad for a “big wave of his wand” #ashes #soundslikeporn

@pavilionopinion: Some viewers apparently can’t hear the Sky commentary. Hopefully Channel 9 will use the same sound guy for the return series.

@AllOutCricket: Lunch! State of play then: chilli con carne, rice and potato wedges with Caesar salad on the side. Oh and England 350-7, Prior 35, Swann 24

@AresMarsFlack: Warnie interviewing KP during the lunch break: “You’re amazing.” “Correct.” “I am too.” #Ashes

@Cricketer_Dan: When did Australia overtake UK as most middle-class, whingeing nation on earth? It’s like their cricket fans all come from Tunbridge Wells.

@ajarrodkimber: If Australia hit a quick 30 off the first 3 overs, England might take an hour to bowl the fourth over.

@AltCricket: Let’s have one more Shane Watson plumb LBW referred. For the road.

@tickerscricket: This is excellent. Australia batting like a weak Twitter parody account of England.

@mspr1nt: Oprah in the Aussie dressing room. Haddin, you pad up. Faulkner, you pad up . Clarkey, you pad up. EVERYBODY JUST PAD UP.

@legsidelizzy: It’s Faulkner who picked out number 3 from the raffle tickets in a box

@AltCricket: Australia deserve credit for at least *trying* to make a game out of this situation. Like performing CPR on a cadaver, but still.

@TheMiddleStump: Cook is going to block the shit out of this. #digin

@AltCricket: I honestly can’t believe in a meritocracy when Ian Botham gets paid to talk about cricket for a living.

@legsidelizzy: This crowd are HAMMERED and they won’t want England to block it out. They don’t seem like they are in the mood for reasoned analysis

@ajarrodkimber: If Ryan Harris screamed at me like that I’d soil myself.

@legsidelizzy: I want Warnie’s job – I can be an idiot and get paid for it

@NHoultCricket: They say Australia have forgotten how to win. Seems they haven’t forgotten how to lose.

@AltCricket: You get the sense that Kevin Pietersen has probably had wet dreams about this sort of situation. #Ashes

@AltCricket  : Yup, Australia waste one last DRS. Just for old time’s sake.

@AltCricket: Michael Clarke: “Can we use DRS on declarations?”

@AllOutCricket: James Faulkner will be enjoying this. Crowd really getting value for money today.

@tickerscricket: Remember, England still have to take the batting powerplay.

@jimmaxcricket: KP seems unstoppable. Bold declaration from Clarke coming unstuck. Interest in umpires light adjudication. Crowd in for the kill

@Cricketer_Dan : The umpires are going to do something silly soon aren’t they #Ashes

@legsidelizzy: If they so much as reach towards their pockets for their light meters….

@AltCricket: Would be fitting for this Ashes series to end on a cliffhanger, due to another bad light farce.

@jimmaxcricket: Aleem Dar has lost his light meter!!

@TheCricketGeek: If the umpires take them off now I will be angrier that Dave Warner when he sees a fake beard

@legsidelizzy : THERE IS GOING TO BE A RIOT

@thefulltoss: Looks like the umpires have all the momentum going into the return series down under #ashes

@AltCricket: I didn’t think it was possible for cricket to give me blue balls, but here I am

@warwicktodd_not: I think a village is missing their two idiots

@Aggerscricket: I mean…imagine if the ashes depended on that today…


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