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Aug 2 – Artistry at Old Trafford

Day 2 – Third Test Cricket returned to its predictable rhythm today – Australia on top! (Dad will love that!) Overs clicked by and The Captain (187), Trapper (89), Wicky (79no) and Mr Darcy (66no) piled on the runs to a declaration after tea at 7/527.  Two days and six sessions won for the first time in an age. We ...

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Aug 1 – Hatstands at 22 Yards

“A day of pure domination” yelled Coach2.0. “You little beauty!” he croaked drowning in joy. Patience bled runs all day like melting snow bleeds new water in a Spring thaw.  Not even the occasional flying cow could upset a heart-warming run of farcical old fashioned good luck that had the willow striking the straight balls cleanly to the outfield.  DRS, ...

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New DRS Signals

We had a briefing this morning from the Umpires after all the confusion about the DRS in the series so far.  I guess this gives the umpires more options, but I’m unconvinced that it will help or change the BCCI’s mind.                                           ...

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July 31 – A Truce Before Hostilities

T minus 1 It was good to wake up from a long, deep sleep this morning, with no fire alarms or secret midnight missions to interrupt my slumber.  If I was playing in the 3rd Test, I’d be feeling ready. At the team meeting this morning, Coach2.0 declared that there would be no more whinging about English groundsmen doctoring pitches ...

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