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Ashes Diary Book Out Now!

ashes diary cover grass edge2bGREETINGS!

. . . from the 17th Man from Bermuda, where I have spent a good few days shaping the FIRST (and BEST) account of the Ashes summer in England……

Join the 17th Man as he chronicles the ups, the downs, the foibles and the farce of a long tour, making sense and nonsense of the Punch, the Wigs, the Back, the doomed Champions Trough, CoachGate, Citizenship, The Rudd putsch, the Umpires, the DRS and the rain, the pitch doctors, the pranks and the chirping, all spiced by the odd and the truly bizarre just to fill in the gaps, yet as evenly given to the Victors and the Vanquished as this tale can be.

How else can one record the theatre of an Ashes series?

This book is bigger than the 5 Ashes Tests. It is as much about the friendly games with the Haggis eaters, the leprechauns, and the counties, splashed with dollops of outrageous fun, history, poetry, art, music and, of course, The Prof’s business ventures just to make us laugh. All brought to life in a lighthearted, upbeat, tea leaf parody on events my alter egos in the real Ashes squad, and Chef’s men, can all be proud of.

I warn you that reading this book is a very different experience than reading the 17th Man’s blog. The book is the story, the sweeping narrative, while the blog is the teasing gag.

If you want a rich serve, buy this book; if you want only the real cricket, buy something else to help you sleep at night. This book will keep you awake!


Get your copy of

Ashes Diary – Summer of the 17th Man – England 2013

in ebook now at (Aust/US residents) and (UK residents) .

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Bring on the endless summer of cricket!

PS  The ebook is fantastic on the kindle app for iPad.  Paperback out soon.



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