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Oct 26 – A Note from Deep Third

A Note from Deep Third Dear 17th, Team England Has Landed! As you know, in these enlightened times, there are no tales to tell of wild drinking sessions on the plane.  I can report moderation in everything except the consumption of smoked salmon from the Business Class “Mobile Buffet.”  The only incident of note came when a fast bowler, who ...

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Third ODI in Tweets

The Prof and I were the last men standing late into the evening at the InterContinental overlooking the night lights of the harbour.  All the other guests had wandered off as India took charge and Dhoni appeared again like the perpetual rescuer of old after Kohli’s dismissal. We waited for the Australian innings confident that Gentle George or someone in ...

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Second ODI in Tweets

I returned to the hotel with the NSW Ryobi Cup Squad.  The Prof has a contract with Qld. He is supervising The Natural’s recovery from injury after his heroics in England.  Apparently he has persuaded The Natural to use a special placebo of lip balm and cobra ‘juice’ his Chennai paper boy recommended to accelerate things – India and managing ...

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First ODI in Tweets

Thea and I had dinner at Mum and Dad’s. dad is still wondering how I missed out on an IPL contract (the $$$ in particular!)  this year.  I am as dumbfounded as ever. To change the subject completely I invited him to sit down in his favourite chair, allow the dog up onto his lap, pat it to reduce his blood ...

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T20 In Tweets – and Sachin Retires

          One the day that Sachin annouced his retirement, India and Australia did battle in a T20. Here’s what Twitter had to say on these two earth shattering events.   @warwicktodd_not: In Rajkot the Aussies have lost the toss and elected to bat @TheCricketGeek: MS Dhoni has won the toss and elected to be the most ...

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