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Second ODI in Tweets

I returned to the hotel with the NSW Ryobi Cup Squad.  The Prof has a contract with Qld. He is supervising The Natural’s recovery from injury after his heroics in England.  Apparently he has persuaded The Natural to use a special placebo of lip balm and cobra ‘juice’ his Chennai paper boy recommended to accelerate things – India and managing the Test players global pension fund operations is never far from The Prof’s mind.
We met at the InterContinental Hotel in Sydney for the evening and settled down for the 2nd ODI on the top floor overlooking the harbour, as we read excerpts from the our latest effort ‘Ashes Diary, Summer of the 7th Man, England 2013’ recalling the best of that Tour, and laughed at the best of the twitter traffic as elation turned to despair, and despair turned to elation in equal measure.
Here is the best of the 2nd ODI India v Australia in Tweets.
@MJCFan: Bailey wins the toss and we’re batting first. C’mon Aussies 🙂
@ForwardShortLeg: Australia should score 330+ if they keep wickets in hand as Power Hitters + Small Jaipur Ground + Indian death bowling = 150 in last 15 ovs.
@NitinUppot: That’s what happens when you don’t have to hide half a dozen 35+ year olds.
@TheCricketGeek: Indian fielding in the last 2 years has improved so much it is insane. Duncan Fletcher’s work?
@ShortFirstSlip: That’s what happens when you don’t have to hide half a dozen 35+ year olds.
@SimUKCricket: Aussies batting very well here. Watson at his home ground and plenty of pies being served up.
@Cric_Abhishek: Ashwin is turning into the next Ajantha Mendis. Probably in the worst form of his life
@cricketbabble: Bowling short to Watson. Might as well put a gun to your head and shoot
@statsdan: 25th March, 2012: Was the last time the first 3 Australian batsmen in the order scored 50s in the same ODI innings
@WichitaLineman: Hughes raises his bat to acknowledge the raucous noise of pins dropping in Jaipur
@NIL_Lionaire: Indians still figuring out “short bowling”, hence they end up bowling short. Get the difference in
@ForwardShortLeg: Philip Hughes is batting effortlessly for the second time in two matches. I find this upsetting.
@TheCricketGeek: Continuing to pick Ashwin in this form is so cruel the BCCI are breaching the UN Convention on Human Rights
@CricBC: AUS looking as comfortable as sipping wine in a Jacuzzi. India – As uncomfy as Poonam Pandy asked to pose in full cloths.
@Predicto_Praky: India need a proper spinner, not a mystery spinner whose mystery is solved
@Etherealled: This is exactly how an Australian cricket team is supposed to perform. Brace yourselves, for this is gonna be a great series.
@AreMarsFlack: Even when he’s scoring runs, Phil Hughes still looks like a dog shitting razor blades. But he’s our dog shitting razor blades
@rustyjacko: Not sure if he’s changed shampoos but Ishant’s hair looks particularly terrible tonight
@ShortFirstSlip: Only an Indian commentator could look at Ishant Sharma and think an inswinging yorker is his strength ball.
@CricBC: Evolution theory is farce! Unless, kids of Cricket-fans are born with mutated gene which auto-ignores Cricket Commentary.
@AltCriket: Gavaskar: “Jadeja is not giving Bailey any room to use his feet and go over the top.” [next ball: six down the ground] “Good shot.”
@LeibCricket: Nathan Hauritz may sell him one. RT @markellis78: Someone get George Bailey a baggy green.
@taryn_heddo: Hughes looks so sad when he gets out, breaks my heart every time, not gonna lie
@TheCricketGeek: What is better, Watson looking shocked at getting out LBW, or Hughes being shocked at nicking one.
@rustyjacko: “Dhoni’s done well to keep calm” – that is the definition of positive spin, Harsha.
@ShortFirstSlip: Just realised Maxwell’s value. Huge chin+big teeth+absurd batting+offspin=Australia’s answer to Graeme Swann.
@Sport_Dimension: Ravi Jadeja bowling to Glenn Maxwell.That’s a lot of millions. Made in the IPL accounting office
@bowlologist: George Bailey channeling his inner Ponting hitting quicks for 6 back over their head. Spinners swept for 4. 3/ 252 Oz going big
@VillaJohn01: India’s bowling and fielding …..surely it can’t all be spot betting :O
@legsidelizzy: In a copy of the first ODI, Australia are going to get billions here and India won’t be able to chase them.
@MClarke23: Balies brilliant!!! Another great innings. Leading from the front. Deserved a 100.
@coolfunnyshirt: Dhoni should ask MMS & Shinde to condemn the Australian batting attack in strong words!
@_fakeiplplayer: The pitch is unresponsive. So Ishant Sharma is bowling full tosses.
@cric_champ: Ishant Sharma please go back to street cricket and not cricket academy to learn the art of Death bowling you will definetly get good tips
@holdingwilley: Reverse sweep from Maxwell allows Shastri to say he’s young AND fearless AND a dangerous player
@bettiwettiwoo: Voges gone for 11; ‘complicated way to get out’, says Warne; ‘complicated’ as in ‘WTF?!’, I suppose. 5-347
@AnmolRevia: India can chase this easily. Jaipur is a known batting and chasing track, just need 2 out Dhawan, Rohit & Kohli to get centuries… Quickly!
@PrintEasy1: Rama Maganti: “Can you now tell me, which madman has invited Australia for 7 one dayers? This is crucifixion.”
@JamesTigerGib: Haven’t seen any of it, but the gist I get is India have small children bowling for them and no Aussies can convert 50’s to 100’s
@AresMarsFlack: Selectors draw a line through Bailey as he fails yet again to make a century
@ahleach: The only way George Bailey could be any more popular right now is to have the rare jellyfish Woolies animal card & be prepared to trade it.
@cricketbabble: Ashwin’s performance needs to be assessed. His “Pause in the action” trick has deserted him too. That’s the final straw
@zombie_JL16: Indian bowling was rubbish. Even pie makers would be insulted. Great batting effort from the Aussies! Well batted George Bailey!
@TheCricketGeek: If India win this it will be the 2nd highest successful run chase in ODIs after the #GreatBattingMassacre in Johannesburg in 2006
@JackMendel4: So George Bailey is now Michael Hussey… i guess that makes Aaron Finch Matthew Hayden, and Phil Hughes Allan Border?
@notdavewarner: Another great showing from George Bailey. He’ll be promoted to a cash register soon.
@ShortFirstSlip: If this was England bowling, @sofa_Dan would be playing the “surrender” jingle right now
Australian Innings: 359 [Ed. Some wag said this was a lot?!]
@CricBC: Johnson bowls a wide. India desperately needs him to play to his true wayward potential.
@bettitwettiwoo: Capt Bailey sensibly takes My Little Tattooed Pony Mitch, who’s having one of THOSE days of his, out of the bowling.
@Score_Online: Last 4 overs 41 Runs 0 Wickets RunRate:10.98
@ShortFirstSlip: It’s Maxwell time, baby! Looking every bit the overprivileged child, with his stupid beard and mechanical, park-cricket action.
@cricketbabble: We have a patriotic guy in the 3rd umpire box
@S_K_Bijarniya: dhawan riding on luck.. Haddin dropped him earlier.. Now close call goes in his favour…. Ind 93/0 in 14 ov.
@CricBC: Why do they show stump cam to 3rd ump. Cant remember a time when it helped. About as useful as inviting Sidhu to talk at a funeral.
@iMumbaiIndian: I just love it when from cursing rohit all the haters go to loving him, that is exceptional
@BF_CJed: Shane I will pay you money to not call Brad Haddin “Rockin Rod Stewart” ever again @gully_point: Dhawan’s moving freely..:-)

@Ra_Bies: Sachin Tendulkar could score 100 odd centuries because he didn’t play against Indian bowlers. Else he could well have scored at least 500 @Predicto_Praky: Last thing Indian fans want is to watch Indian openers giving respect to Australia’s spinners, that’s disrespecting Ashwin & co
@abzoniac: Hasn’t anyone noticed? The star cricket promo for the Ind Aus odi’s has a clip of Dhoni signaling for the DRS. Someone should lose their job
@junjhunwala: Ball is just gliding on the outfield. Lagta hai Groundskeeper has lubricated the grass with 20 litres of Castrol 2T.
I went to bed.
@saun_tait32: Would like to congratulate @FaulknerC25 for taking the only Indian wicket tonight, someone get the big guy a drink…
@BCCI: VKholi’s 100 is also the fastest by any batsman against Australia.
@D1PZ: Kholi’s 50 came in 27 balls and his 100 came in 52 balls – take a bow son
@mugpuntaus: I can only imagine Ravi Shastri frothing at the mouth and blowing his load after last night’s Indian win!
@17thMandiary: I woke up to find my 11 yo peering at me. “I guess George didn’t see that one coming” he said smiling.
Aust 359; India 362 in 43
Gentle George said that there was nothing wrong with the wicket.


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