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Third ODI in Tweets

The Prof and I were the last men standing late into the evening at the InterContinental overlooking the night lights of the harbour.  All the other guests had wandered off as India took charge and Dhoni appeared again like the perpetual rescuer of old after Kohli’s dismissal.

We waited for the Australian innings confident that Gentle George or someone in the top 8 would deliver a victory although at over 300 this is no easy task.  James Faulkner laid it on at the end to give Australia a 4 wicket 4 ball victory. The Prof did some algebra (tweeted separately) for those who missed The Over from Ishant.  We then cleaned up the peanuts the bartender left, and ordered a last night cap before compiling our list of the best tweets to sum up the second India v Australia ODI.

@Innobystander: MItch looks to be down on pace today…

@Score_Online: OUT!! Rohit Sharma 11(22) India:37-2 Watson strikes in his 1st Over..

@bushrangers: C-Mac has grabbed the big wicket of Shikhar Dhawan for just eight after the Aussies sent India in first.

@SillymidTom: Wake up; check the score; Kohli batting again. Or still batting. Maybe he just kept going for two days straight. Feels like it.

@TheCricketGeek: Virat Kohli’s cover drive and Virat Kohli’s eyebrows are both beautiful works of art.

@GregoryEime: Why India has so many players with high averages? They play on bitumen grounds where any shot middled is 4.

@Ambarink: Dear Ishant Sharma, Use a hairband. Sincerely, World.

@The1with0906: Since Ind are losing wickets now, the cricket lovers all,over the world are satisfied,with the pitch, calling it a good wicket

@simonrichardafc: Come back in from my run to find Mitchell Johnson is on a hat trick and Dhoni is limping and hasn’t faced a ball

@Heighway: Out of twitter jail. Johnson getting rewarded for India’s vulnerability to short ball.

@ShortFirstSlip: Dhoni looks weird when walking forward to Faulkner. He looks like he’s about to play the McCullum bully-smash through midwicket.

@ShortFirstSlip: Doherty doing a spectacular job of looking like a good bowler, whilst bowling to a man with only half a hamstring.

@arj_90: Something has to be wrong with Dhoni’s shoes. He has already slipped three times. Hope he changes his shoes before he does something serious

@kartik_Kannan: Matt Hayden is wearing glasses so dark tha you can’t help but think he’s hungover.

@TheCricketGeek: Super slow motion shots of Virat Kohli batting with a piano accompaniment have been known to make mountains weep.

@bettiwettiwoo: I’m sitting here thinking about how much I dislike Maxmillion, Twatson 2.0, & he gets Kohli! Should I think HARDER?!

@Anirudh6196: I love how Faulkner runs down the pitch just to walk beside the batsman & savagely spit sledges & profanities at them.

@ShortFirstSlip: I love how Faulkner runs down the pitch just to walk beside the batsman & savagely spit sledges & profanities at them.

@Joshuakevinjoe: slow delivery escaped from a big helicopter…

@Cric_AP:Johnson strikes again! Ashwin departs….Haddin takes the 5th catch of the match in style.

@TheCricketGeek: Lyon is the least threatening Lion since the Wizard of Oz

@altcricket: Australia’s groundfielding has been exceptional today. Can’t recall them giving away a single run due to sloppiness, reflects very well.

@Nickhiltait: Mitchell Johnson completes his spell, 4/46 from 10 overs with 1 maiden. Great bowling, MJ!

@CricBC: Johnson’s spell over. 30 balls more to go. Australia would need an actual spell to contain Dhoni now.

@tickerscricket: Dhoni knows what Watson’s going to bowl before Watson does.

@grace11_8: 100 Dhoniii

@pavilionopinion: Dhoni’s the best finisher since the full stop was invented.

@joannevickers: Dhoni is reminding everyone he is still a cricketing God. These young pretenders have nothing on him!

@CricBC: Kohli. “I get runs when others do. I get runs when others don’t ” Dhoni: “And I do, when you don’t”

@TheCricketGeek: An excellent Dhoni innings that isn’t in a chase is like a Myley Cyrus video without uncomfortable levels of nudity.

@talkcric: Dhoni should be made to wear a blue cape when batting. Must have more game winning knocks than anyone

@arj_90: Feel sorry for Dhoni, he spent 87 overs on the field and with an injury, did everything possible but his bowlers let him down. Ishant 🙁

@i_Psycho: Ishant Sharma surpasses Sir Bradman as the greatest cricketer to have played for Australia

@Nilanshu_R: Ishant Sharma is the greatest bowler ever. He doesn’t just reverse swing the ball, he reverse swings the whole match.

@pavilionopinion: Here’s Faulkner’s blistering 64 off 29 balls. The Ishant over is like watching Tyson box a baby giraffe.

@GushtuSays: Faulkner…..YOU DA MAAAAAAN

@CricketNDTV: MS Dhoni lambasts bowlers, says can’t spoon-feed death bowlers in international cricket

@ShortFirstSlip: Dhoni’s comments last night actually hint at Ishant Sharma playing the next game. I think I might scream with joy.


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