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Nov 29 – Hot, Hot, Hot!

After chasing the ball around all day in the frigid wasteland that is Bellerive Oval on the second last day of spring – it barely got up to 16 deg C at about tea time – it was good to receive an email from Deep Third. Typing a post is one less thing I have to do with frozen fingers.  Dear 17th, ...

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Nov 28 – Ashes Dreaming

“There’s a great divide, across this land Like a Berlin Wall, made of salt and sand A congregation’s trapped inside Getting fewer As years goes by” (Country Life, Meagher, Jenkins, Baker, 2002) Dennis was in Alice with 200 stalwarts from the BarmyArmy. [Ed. Alice Springs… Northern Territory… it’s a town!] “I didn’t realise Alice is so isolated. Deserted in the ...

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Nov 27 – The best sledgers never get caught

Trapper and I joined Hollywood at The Prof’s favourite coffee shop in Paddington [Ed. Sydney, for English readers] for breakfast. The Prof had a meeting with his (our) bankers in town and was flying back to Brisbane late in the day. After much teasing, Trapper recalled the sledge incidents late in the match on Day 4. He was fielding at ...

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Nov 26 – Homeward Bound

After all the tension and excitement of The Win [Ed. Hopefully not the last one this summer] it was good to get home today.  Thea was at work, but had set the place up really nicely with a bunch of washing and ironing for me to do, and a list of “jobs” that need doing around the house.  It’s nice to ...

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Nov 25 – Day 5 – First Test

After nearly six months of the “No Win, No Party” rule imposed by Coach2.0 when he took over, to say there was a bit of pent up party people pressure would be something of an understatement. Further details of what actually happened after our win on Sunday are slowly emerging through the fog and the heavy tint of our our ‘day after’ ...

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