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Daily Archives: December 4, 2013

Dec 3 – Barossa Valley Crazy

The Squad has settled in at Adelaide ready for the Second Test on Thursday.  With The Captain limping around on an ever-so-slightly-but-not-really-it’s-perfectly-fine ankle, The Prof and I were thrown into some real practice to sharpen us up just in case one of us is needed as a last minute replacement. My first thought was that it was a relief not to be facing ...

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Dec 2 – Beware the Drop Bears

“Is he paranoid?” The Freak replied in mock concern. “Undoubtedly. He thought he saw a flight of drones [Ed. The FAA is yet to release the collective noun for drones] with pink flashing lights land inside the Oval,” I replied recalling UnLucky’s shaky summary of Hollywood’s nightmare. “Hollywood said Trapper saw it too.” “I checked with him”, The Natural added. ...

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