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Daily Archives: December 10, 2013

Dec 9 – Day 5 – Second Test

And so it was recorded that King Canute himself could not hold back the in-coming tide. The Freak and The Natural bagged the final four English wickets with simple stump bowling in 10 short overs before mid-morning drinks. The wicket balls seemed, at least from the air-conditioned safety of the dressing-room, to be no better than the fence balls; ordinary ...

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Best of Twitter – Second Test – Day 5

It’s been tough to get away from the celebrations to put this together – but there was plenty of quality on twitter for just a session’s play. Enjoy!   @TestMatchSofa: Adelaide’s ugly brown covers are doing the Hokey Cokey. We at Sofa Towers are currently deciding whether we are #teamhokey or #teamcokey @AltCricket: Staying up past midnight to pray for ...

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