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Daily Archives: December 12, 2013

A View from Old Blighty: Can England bounce back in Perth, really?

I have been swapping occasional cricket articles with James Morgan, older brother of Eion Morgan, English ODI specialist, and cousin of Piers Morgan, of no profession, to understand the other point of view. Morgan is a rabid Englishman who still thinks Captain Cook did the locals a favour in opening up the Kimberley for mining. The Prof and I are working on a private ...

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Dec 11 – Go West!

The Aussie Team is feeling bouyant in it’s new-found circumstances of being front-runners and fear merchants.  The short turn around between tests must surely count in our favour as we head west to the home of the mining boom. As soon as you arrive in Perth, there are three things that strike you:  – At 10 in the morning, the airport ...

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