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Best of Twitter – Third Test – Day 2

 The ebb and flow of a “classic day of  Test Cricket” (everybody said so) according to Twitter.  Note to the whingers of the press, who thought that 43 deg C in the Press Box was too hot for their laptops again: Toughen up, petals!

@BrettLee_58: Mitch for a hundred ? @wwos9 #Ashes

@FreedmanDennis: Why waste energy batting when your job is to break the skipper’s arm?

@FreedmanDennis: Australia’s #8* has more runs than any English player this series *Mitchell Johnson

@TheCricketGeek: Reassuringly, it took England just under 89 overs to get the length right on this pitch. Progress

@ajarrodkimber: They call it Test cricket for a reason, because it Tests your laptop.

@TheCricketGeek: Looking forward to the first tweet telling me that edge wasn’t big enough to walk, because small edges don’t count.

@tickerscricket: Bowden got that decision right. He’ll be counting to six next.

@pavilionopinion: Let’s not pretend any of us are surprised Ryan Harris’s thigh can project a ball twenty yards.

@tickerscricket: Siddle and Lyon are Australia’s only two players without a half-century in this series. Fully expect both of them to put that right now.

@warwicktodd_not: I don’t think Australians need to be told to drink on a hot day

@footycouch: The temperature in Perth has averaged more than every English batsman this series

@tickerscricket: Snicko there confirming that the bouncer that broke Lyon’s helmet did indeed hit his helmet.

@GregBaum: It’s 43 in the press box, and I’m starting to see things. I’ll swear that was Nathan Lyon cover driving on the up for four.

@AllOutCricket: 385 all out. Horribly dangerous score. TV shots of Johnson smiling like Chopper Read. Give him some gold teeth and a pulled hamstring

@warwicktodd_not: Stay tuned, Mo o’ doom set to bowl in 10min

@FreedmanDennis: Hooking is clearly the shot of champions #Ashes

@tickerscricket: Carberry out twice off middled pull shots in Adelaide. Shrewdly using the top edge this time. Learning.

@GeorgeDobell1: Beginning to suspect Fremantle Doctor isn’t real doctor. Like Dr Seuss and Dr Pepper. Bought qualification on-line. Can’t give you aspirin.

@warwicktodd_not: Irony if Watto is denied a wicket due to DRS

@em_john: If I go wash my hair, do you all promise to prevent an England collapse til I get back? #ashes

@TheCricketGeek: Dear Brad Haddin, Can we have some of our luck back. Keeping all of it is just selfish. Yours, me.

@LiebCricket: Things that should always be considered in DRS:

1. Body language

2. History of previous controversial umpiring decisions

3. Twitter outrage

@tickerscricket: Anyway, this DRS controversy is distracting us from the real issue, i.e. the utter rubbishness of KP’s new bat stickers.

‏@AresMarsFlack: Muted response from WACA crowd to Siddle coming on: Vegans focus group very badly in Perth #Ashes

@TheCricketGeek: I love you Kevin, why do you hurt me so?

@nickripp: Out 10 times to the ginger vegan. You must be so proud kp #attitudestinks #Ashes

@TheCricketGeek: Ian Bell doing exactly the right thing here. Only another 270 overs left to bat out for the draw

@MatthewBevan: Dear commentators. Stop saying “people say that test cricket is dead, well I say to them…” Nobody is saying that. Sincerely, Matt #Ashes


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