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Dec 20 – Domestics

SydneyAirport_wideweb__470x312,0The flight back to Sydney was uneventful enough.  I was travelling alone and there was plenty to do apart from recover from the celebrations.  The Prof is always giving me reading material [Ed. Not much is more important than financial statgements of the various Players’ Funds] or some gadget to test. This time it was his proposal for developing a junior “Sledging Acadmey” to prepare young cricketers for the rough and tumble of representative cricket.  I know some parents will get the credit card out at the drop of a hat to pay for private coaching, imported tailor-made cricket bats, Carberry style helmets and cricket kit bags that would swallow New York, but surely little Timmy can manage to mouth off at a few opposition U14s without it costing anything. Plus, it’s not like current or has-been players will be willing to lend their good names to this kind of thing.  I think he’s off track, so I’ll distract him for a few days until the next “hot” idea emerges and this one can sink without a trace. 

I always try to keep my travel plans and arrival times secret, otherwise Dad puts on a show at the airport.  This often involves a large sign with my name on it, balloons and streamers and a cast of his mates who are keen to rub shoulders with a “real” cricketer.  Fortunately I was the only person from the team on the flight, so no-one else witnessed it. The real “real” players – those in the Test Team – think it’s amusing, but they know what having over eager parents is like.

The texts and emails are flying back and forth – The Prof has still not quite secured our spot at the team Christmas celebrations in Melbourne.  It was starting to hinge on whether our “significant others” were going to be invited as well, but I laid down the law. There is no way that I’d be happy with spending Christmas with the team while Thea wasn’t allowed to come.  It’s fair to say Thea wouldn’t be happy either, a fact that she has made abundantly clear in the last few hours.  Balancing other family commitments will be hard eitherway.

As for keeping up with this diary, it’s beginning to wear me out a little!


Just checked emails – we’re in!  Off to Mebourne on Sunday after fitting in as many family celebrations as possible.

In other news I caught on the web, a flight from Perth to Melbourne had to be diverted and land in Adelaide today.  There was some news footage of some rather disgruntled looking English players disembarking at the scene of their disembowellment at the hands of Tatts et al. the week before last. Turns out it was some kind of medical emergency, with a large number of the passengers coming down with a gastric complaint, although those in business class (incliuding the English players) appeared unaffected.  Pity the cabin crew dealing with a plane load of Barmy Army types on cheap fares who probably had something dodgy at  their hotel or in the departure lounge.  Pity Adelaide for having to put them up for the night. I might hear more from Dennis tomorrow.

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