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Daily Archives: December 23, 2013

Dec 22 – A Death in the Family

“Graeme Swann retired, with immediate effect? Are you serious? Is this just another English prank?” The Captain had been rinsing his tattooed sleeve with coconut oil to bring out the greens. “It’s confirmed. The press conference just finished,” The Prof reported. “Half-way through a tour?” “The Urn is gone. It’s a dead rubber.” “But HALF-WAY through a tour? These last tests ...

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Dec 21 – Welcome to the MCG

The English arrived in Melbourne this morning as fresh as a blood-stained poultice applied to a mortal wound. The open-wound stretcher cases came first, then the hobbling wounded and those with dirty ill-fitting field bandages, then the bruised and battered, the shell-shocked and neurotic and the sick at heart. These fallen heroes who have flayed all who they met since ...

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