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Best of Twitter – Day 1 – Fourth Test

 On a day when KP swallowed a fly, here’s the best of twitter!

@Cowcornered: Maybe Cook will win the toss in Sydney…

@tickerscricket: For the first time in the series, England have a lead. One run to the good. #AdvantageEngland

@17thManDiary: Clarke has made a mistake here, playing the man (for mental disintegration) not the ball (always bat first).

@MClark23e: Wicket looked a bit sticky from the view of my head up my arse this morning

@Aggerscricket: Locals confident we might beat the 1961 90800 crowd. Good start by the openers 45/0

@TheCricketGeek: Says a lot about the impact of Billy Birmingham on my psyche that I see a shot of Lawry in the comms box and I think of 12th Man quotes.

@legsidelizzy: I don’t have OCD in any way in normal life but a wonky slip cordon puts me on edge.

@warwicktodd_not: Carbs mate, you see that piece of wood in your hands, yeh you’re supposed to use it to hit the ball

@cricketgreg: You imagine just like every England fan right now, Carberry will return to the dressing room and bang his head against the wall #Ashes

@warwicktodd_not: KP didn’t understand Root because Root wasn’t speaking Afrikaans

@warwicktodd_not: Rhino gets a Boxing Day Root

@AllOutCricket: Big threat so far has come from the tumbling wardrobe that is Ryan Harris. Carberry plays & misses then nicks between Clarke & Smith.

@gradecricketer: The post-Christmas sound of kids knocking in their new bats should provoke joyful nostalgia. Instead I envy their bright cricketing futures.

@warwicktodd_not: It wouldn’t be a Test series without a Watto injury

@ajarrodkimber: Watson defeats Harris in the injury sweepstakes. Collect your winnings.

@LiebCricket: Did Watson just retire, mid-Test? #Ashes

‏@AresMarsFlack: As if Watto has a groin #faker #Ashes #TheAshes

BrettLee_58 Dec 26, 2:03pm via iOS

@piersmorgan He is still talking it up. Wait till tomorrow @wwos9 #ashes

‏@AresMarsFlack: Vintage England at the MCG. Geoffrey Boycott vintage #Ashes #TheAshes

@tickerscricket: STAT: 9.375% of England’s runs in the afternoon session were scored by Coulter-Nile chucking the ball over the rope for some reason.

@AresMarsFlack: Lee? Hello Lee? Does he have you hypnotised? Blink if you know he’s a fuckwit #Ashes #TheAshes

@ajarrodkimber: Must be some tired staff having to walk in and out of the ground for the last hour.

@NickMiller7914: Sure, a world record crowd, but the trumpet chap is one of them. A hollow record.

@tickerscricket: The people of Melbourne flooding through the gates as news spreads that KP and Bell are blocking the absolute shit out of it.

@tickerscricket: It’s all right Kev, just swallow a spider and you’ll be fine.


@NHoultCricket: KP swallowed a fly which I believe was not on the ECB dietary sheet, but I may be wrong.

@piersmorgan: ‘Chomp it, move on’ – unsympathetic Aussie fan behind me gives his reaction to news @KP24 swallowed a fly.

@NHoultCricket: I was joking about the fly. If KP did swallow a fly, I don’t know why.

@warwicktodd_not: Mo o’doom gets him there. Bairstow contiues the form of Prior

@AresMarsFlack: Who is more scared of Mitch Johnson: the Poms … or … Mitch Johnson #Ashes #TheAshes

@piersmorgan: He may have a very annoying moustache but @MitchJohnson398 is indisputably bloody rapid. #Ashes @MCG

@warwicktodd_not: They should’ve just bowled an extra over and let Mitch go around to the other end and bowl at KP


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