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Best of Twitter – Day 4 – Fourth Test

 I’m getting this done and out before I go to the celebrations.  4-0, baby!


@Cricketbatcat: Don’t worry England. Warner never limits chances like that to just the one. Two more missed chances imminent. #Ashes

@TheCricketGeek: Positives for England from this Ashes series – 1. Ben Stokes

@mammalsmall: @TheCricketGeek 2. No players involved in punch ups in bars

@legsidelizzy: Lehmann has apparently bought an “energising lightness” to the Ozzie team. Sounds like a natural yoghurt

@ZaltzCricket: Looks like England have finally found a way of stopping Haddin scoring 50. #silverlining

@TheCricketGeek: Your side is about to go 4-0 up. Booing Broad is ridiculous.

@legsidelizzy: Cook is clearly resting Monty for that all important fifth day.

@GregBaum: Must be time for Swann? #ashes

@IMChappelli: I’d like to go to a whore house where the women are as generous as this England team. I’d still be there.

@Corpse_in_Pads: Watto – confused by his surroundings – finally realises he’s not at the Physio’s and has to start scoring runs.

@FreedmanDennis: I have put my Day 5 tickets on eBay. #Ashes

@TheCricketGeek: If Monty had stronger nipples he would be bowling a lot more in this innings.

@AfterGrogBlog: Remember when Shane Watson turned a quick single into a comfortable three? Yesterday, when he was fielding. #Ashes

@AndyinRichmond: England grasping defeat from the jaws of victory #ashes

@TheNaysayerAFC: “Me hit ball much. Sometimes runs. Groin ouch!” ‘ extract from Watson’s Ashes Diary.#Ashes

@wutube: Monty must be getting bored out in the field. Just saw him practicing his forward defence #Ashes

@17thManDiary: Only Aussie top order not to make a ton bats at 6, while only England bat to make 100 bats at 6. #ashes @ZaltzCricket

@Aggerscricket: This is now a massacre #official

@legsidelizzy: Just checked OED. Next to the word Omnishambles it simply says England’s Ashes Tour 13/14.

@17thManDiary: Sweet Watto flavored salt being rubbed into this wound. #ashes

@warwicktodd_not: Would be hilarious if Australia reach the total while Watto is in the 90’s

@TheCricketGeek: I won’t be able to watch the Sydney Test. I am having 15 elective root canal surgeries

@FreedmanDennis: Nathan Lyon is padded up to come in next as night watchman #Ashes

@17thManDiary: Caught by Bairstow. Unlucky.

@TestMatchSofa: Drat. A wicket. We’ve got at least an extra 15 mins of this medieval torture to endure. #ashes

@ZaltzCricket: 4-0. It is 4-0. Fair to say that the last 24 hours have been amongst the crappest in English Test history.

@17thManDiary: That’s 4-3 on aggregate, if anyone cares. #ashes

@RealJoshMcNally: The real tragedy here is that I was going to do my ironing between tea and stumps. Now I’m going to have to find something else to do.

@tickerscricket: Getting upset about who wins man of the match is a foolish thing. Today, I am that fool.


Day 4 Diary Entry: COMING SOON


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