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Dec 20 – Domestics

The flight back to Sydney was uneventful enough.  I was travelling alone and there was plenty to do apart from recover from the celebrations.  The Prof is always giving me reading material [Ed. Not much is more important than financial statgements of the various Players’ Funds] or some gadget to test. This time it was his proposal for developing a junior ...

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Dec 19 – Moving On

With the Ashes secured, it was time to move on from Perth today.  It will always have a special place in our hearts – a hotel with airconditioning that works and winning The Ashes will do that for you. You really get to know the players.  Now that our personal financial situations allow it, The Prof and I always pay ...

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Dec 18 – The Aftermath

I caught The Freak by the pool sunning himself after completing, as he put it, a swift 2 kms in a ‘slow pool’. He had a half-eaten banana wedged between the middle pages of a well-thumbed volume of 18th C English Poetry. It had a lavish mouthful of lipstick on the cover and old dog ears someone had tried to ...

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Dec 17 – Day 5 – Third Test

We were in the change rooms after the on-field presentations. I was wedged in the Freak’s locker amongst his banana plantations to avoid the occasional showers of jammed orange quarters, shredded banana skins and beer froth that began a long afternoon of celebration. “Great catch at mid-off, 17th. Ridiculously athletic.” Wicky said hugging me with his gloved hands. “Great move ...

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Best of Twitter – Third Test – Day 5

 Thought I’d better get this done quick. Tonight is the opposite of the “No Win No Party” Rule! @LiebCricket: The catch of KP by Ryan Harris yesterday was perhaps the finest dodgy-knee wicket in Test history. #Ashes @warwicktodd_not: I wonder how that quinoa and horse radish salad tastes now England?+ @stevetua: @warwicktodd_not there seems to be more duck on the ...

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