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Best of Twitter – Day 1 – Fifth Test

There was just too much action to keep up with today – 11 wickets, a sell-out crowd, three debutantes and the twitter crowd keen to end the series with a bang.  Here’s the highlights.


@AllOutCricket: Three caps handed out. So it must be Rankin as well, alongside Borthwick & Ballance. Or Piers Morgan… it’s hard to be sure.

@thefulltoss: So the rumours they were going to replace God Save The Queen with Always Look On The Bright Side Of Life were false. Shame #Ashes

@tickerscricket: Five of England’s players have 463 Test caps between them. The other six have 27, over half of which are Bairstow’s.

@TheMiddleStump: Gingers are overtaking South Africans in the England side. More Jaffa than Saffa.

@piersmorgan: To those asking, I wasn’t picked for Sydney Test because I failed my medical. #Rib #BatteredByBinga

@JustJimWillDo: So we didn’t win the #tosses 5-0! #Ashes

@andy_lee: England can’t be bothered to have a Root in Sydney. “I’ve got a headache” was the most likely excuse.#Ashes

@17thManDiary: @andy_lee Fireworks hangover

@17thManDiary: “How does Carberry gets his runs?” “Misfields.” #ashes #wisdomof15yearolds

@thervd: It’s not the most pertinent issue of the day, but Jimmy Anderson has got his facial hair absolutely spot on today. Career best, arguably.

@piersmorgan: Most annoying thing about cricket – ‘fans’ who cry ‘Ooooohhh’ when a bowler or fielder catches a blatantly obvious bump ball. #Ashes

@17thManDiary: @piersmorgan I’d vote for the price of pies as most annoying thing.

@TheMiddleStump: Always nice when you get your Dad out. #Stokes #Rogers

@TheMiddleStump: Always nice when you get your Dad out. #Stokes #Rogers

@JustJimWillDo:  Remember when The Cricket Show was about cricket? #GoodTimes #Ashes

@AresMarsFlack: Lovely ceremony at lunch break when Graeme Swann handed over the traditional popped collar to debutante Gary Ballance #Ashes #TheAshes

@AresMarsFlack: Wouldn’t be summer without an Australian PM pretending to care about cricket #Ashes #TheAshes

@warwicktodd_not: The last time these two were at the crease in a first innings they ended up being there at stump

@17thManDiary: @warwicktodd_not the following day..

@SDHoneymonster: Ideal scenario here is Scott Borthwick getting Steve Smith out with a filthy full toss. Leg spin-ception. #Ashes

@legsidelizzy: I think I’ll just cut and paste from the other 5 times this has happened.

@AresMarsFlack: Steven Smith 1000 Test Runs / 8 million testicle readjustments #ashes #TheAshes

@warwicktodd_not: Cook, realising he’s in a strong position, releases the pressure

@piersmorgan: If only Stokes hit the batsmen’s stumps as often as he hits his own. #Ashes

@AresMarsFlack: Imagine how well Smith would bat WITHOUT crabs?! #ashes #TheAshes

@Corpse_in_Pads: A good LBW appeal … if the pitch was dropped in about 10 metres to the left of where it is.

@pommiebasher: Sad news for Rankin but, on the bright side, he does win the award for best Shane Watson Impersonation. #Ashes

@MattiusBackius: Steve Smith still looks young enough to be playing Milo cricket during the lunch break.#TonUp #Ashes @CricketAus @SkyCricket @wwos9

@JustJimWillDo: Foolish people. Don’t you know you can’t gat a hat-trick unless Tubby is in the comms box? #Ashes

@17thManDiary: Root not happy that Anderson is batting at 3. #Ashes

@17thManDiary: Anderson not happy that Root is not batting at 3. Already scored more than the Carbs

@TheCricketGeek: Quality time wasting there. So subtle you could hardly notice it.

@51allout; The fact England thought they had anyone in their tail who could still qualify as a nightwatchman is what surprises us #Ashes

@bhogleharsha: there is something so raw and fearsome about watching mitchell johnson bowl.

@17thManDiary: @bhogleharsha Yes, but you should have seen the queue for pies at lunch under the Brewongle stand.

@Aggerscricket: Stats-wise, Aus have been 141/5 in every match. Last 5 wkts add 214

@AllOutCricket: Good Eng start, Oz middle order stages comeback, Stokes rare highlight, Eng lose early wicket: Aussie’s day, Aussie’s series, Aussie’s Ashes


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