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Daily Archives: January 5, 2014

Best of Twitter – Day 3 – Fifth Test

The team is celebrating in the sheds. I have found a quiet corner in Plopper’s locker to get the third day’s test in tweets curated. Sure, there were some funny tweets about how we batted away until we were all out in the face of Borthwick’s dollies. ¬†Plopper says he can spin the ball and serve England well, even in ...

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Best of Twitter – Day 2 – Fifth Test

There wasn’t enough time between the collapsing English wickets, the fight backs from Stokes and Broad, 200 Fake Richie’s paying homage to their stricken master and an ex-PM thinking he had re-won the Australia’s Cup to curate tweets from Day 2.¬† But we tried, as Australia’s top order wobbled badly AGAIN, apart from the inning’s of a 36 year old ...

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