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Jan 5 – Day 3 – Fifth Test

5-nil. 5-nil, 5-nil, 5-nil!

What a day!  With UnLucky rattling off another century, and Mr G almost scoring a half century, we racked up 276 just after lunch.  Plopper was again not out with the bat, managing to not have a calculable average for the series. He was a bit dark with The Freak for getting out and leaving him stranded again – Plopper had actually wanted to get out, as he was in the running for a podium finish in batting averages, if not aggregates.

DVU_050114_CRI_ASHES_5TH_TEST_CARBERRY_BAT_FAILWhat happened next was summed up by what happened to Carb’s bat during his top-scoring knock.  The England team was again broken by the relentless assault of our Triple Treat of quicks.  In the space of 32 overs, their tour, in its death throes since Perth, was finally put out of its misery.  The Natural bagged a five-for in amongst some lusty hitting from Stokes and Broad that did nothing but put a slight dint in Plopper’s bowling average.

The crowd went crazy. Wild.  Bananas! The sea of pink, in honour of the brave and heroic Jane McGrath, pulsated through the day.  What a way to celebrate her life and to get behind The McGrath Foundation. It was a great reminder that there is so much more to life than sport and flogging greasy chicken, banking products, mid-strength beer and the unnecessary evil of on-line betting.

The Prof and I, and the other hangers on, only got to join in when the celebrations moved into the dressing room.  Plopper gave a repeat rendition of the team song, having let one rip out in the middle as soon as the victory had been secured.  I think he’ll be singing it all night.

Under the Southern Cross I Stand
A sprig of wattle in my hand,
A native of my native land,
Australia you little beauty.

I’m writing this early tonight, as we’re off to celebrate big time.  The “No Win, No Party” rule has been trampled underfoot by 5 wins and therefore 5 parties, and tonight will be the humdinger of them all.

Did anyone say 5-Nil?

Australia 326 and 276, defeated England 155 and 176 by 281 runs.


“Swing low, sweet chariot, get on the plane and go home!”

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