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Best of Twitter – Day 2 – Fifth Test

There wasn’t enough time between the collapsing English wickets, the fight backs from Stokes and Broad, 200 Fake Richie’s paying homage to their stricken master and an ex-PM thinking he had re-won the Australia’s Cup to curate tweets from Day 2.  But we tried, as Australia’s top order wobbled badly AGAIN, apart from the inning’s of a 36 year old ...

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Jan 3 – Day 1 – Fifth Test

Have you ever been in one of those pseudo-team building things where the first exercise is to build the tallest structure you can using spaghetti rods and marshmallows? Or using paper and sticky tape? Have you ever wondered why some teams always make a mutant alien rather than an Eiffel Tower [Ed. Or a pyramid.], or why they just jump ...

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Best of Twitter – Day 1 – Fifth Test

There was just too much action to keep up with today – 11 wickets, a sell-out crowd, three debutantes and the twitter crowd keen to end the series with a bang.  Here’s the highlights.   @AllOutCricket: Three caps handed out. So it must be Rankin as well, alongside Borthwick & Ballance. Or Piers Morgan… it’s hard to be sure. @thefulltoss: So ...

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Jan 2 – Fifth Test Eve

I saw the last Ashes Test match at the SCG in January 2011 with Dad. He loves cricket but hates paying the mint for tickets. So we went on Day 5 with the other 6 parsimonious Aussie supporters [Ed. I’m sure there was a quiet flock at the beer outlets.] and 49,433 Barmies singing ‘Rule Britannia’ set to watch Jimmy, ...

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Jan 1 – Incoming!

The bus wound it’s way through the city streets, picking it’s way through the debris of the night before. While we were tucked up safe in our beds, it’s clear that Sydney went on a post-fireworks bender, with a small army of council workers now sweeping slowly through the rubbish, broken glass and still-sleeping revellers under an overcast sky.  The ...

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