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Feb 25 – Let’s Go Reverse!

Today the talk was all about reverse swing, even though we were “moving forward” towards Cape Town for the Third Test which starts on Saturday. There are but a few days to get the batsmen’s minds clear again after Sunday’s debacle, but there’s  fair bit of resilience there built up through winning six tests in a row. Reverse swing is ...

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Feb 24 – Day 5 – Second Test

The lads are taking the loss pretty hard, especially the batsmen who performed not so well yesterday.  UnLucky and Puff did the job at the top of the order, but it was all down hill rapidly from there. “Too many ducks on the dancefloor!” * At breakfast, everyone seemed to be drowning their sorrows in bacon fat. The cook had ...

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The Test in Tweets – Second Test – Port Elizabeth

This rather patchy selection of tweets came together somehow after my iPad was used for something other than its intended purpose by persons unknown. The action was all on Day 3, I think , so that’s why there are more tweets that day than the others.  Maybe. Day 1 @SimplySean_: Mitchell Johnson has completed his first bowling spell and AB ...

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Feb 23 – Day 4 – Second Test

Coach2.0’s iphone sounded the air raid warning when the wickets began to fall. Everyone padded up, even the coaching staff. Sarah marked a blue arrow to the dressing room door in chalk and a yellow snaky line for returning batsmen direct to a makeshift consulting room Darren, the team psychologist, had screened off with a shower screen in the corner ...

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Feb 22 – Day 3 – Second Test

It doesn’t take much to understand that 4/123 is further from 397 than Centurion is from Marrakech. Coach2.0’s demeanour this morning had not changed from the easy parting of the evening before. Yet the mood has changed to be more like a rehearsal for opening night in a School play than the informality of a street party. Everyone is just ...

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