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Daily Archives: February 12, 2014

Feb 11- Test Eve

Test Eve. The players are all on edge. I joined The Freak and The Natural for an after-dinner drink at the bar. They were busy planning their first two overs of pain for the South African top order. I wrote it down with my sharpie on the back of the barmaid’s apron. The first over: bouncer, bouncer, badge ball [3 ...

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Feb 10 – Pitch Imperfect

Hollywood lay on the masseurs table with his chin resting on his hands. His arms, glistening in a light sweat, dangled over the ends. A green towel was wrapped around his middle. Freddie, the masseur with the psychotic high pitched laugh, worked on his hamstring and beat on his wounded calf. A vile of oil lay on its side next ...

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