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Feb 21 – Day 2 – Second Test

At breakfast today Coach2.0 had declared a Bacon Free Zone, in an attempt to get some balance back into the team’s diet in the face of the meat-obsession of our hosts.  The Freak, resident vegan and occasional diary editor, cheered loudly when the announcement was made [Ed. Too right!]. He led the attack on the files of fruit that magically ...

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Feb 20 – Day 1 – Second Test

There was a steady hubbub in the breakfast room this morning.  It was obviously getting on Coach2.0’s nerves.  After the second round of bacon had been served, he stood up and let rip.  “STOP TALKING ABOUT THE BL***Y PITCH!” he bellowed.  Things quietened down until all you could hear was the sound of dietary plans being ignored. The Prof and ...

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