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Feb 24 – Day 5 – Second Test

Cricketer DuckThe lads are taking the loss pretty hard, especially the batsmen who performed not so well yesterday.  UnLucky and Puff did the job at the top of the order, but it was all down hill rapidly from there. “Too many ducks on the dancefloor!” *

At breakfast, everyone seemed to be drowning their sorrows in bacon fat. The cook had judged the mood well, although he had been expecting some hangovers in need of salty fried pork products – but no one was willing to admit to a breach of the strict “No Win, No Party” rule. Coach2.0 was happy to let the healthy eating regime slide for a day [Ed. He led the way, in fact, downing three enormous bacon sandwiches] but I suspect there will be instructions to the kitchen in the hotel in Cape Town to get things on track.

Unused Day 5s are always problematic.  Transport arrangements for moving to the next stop on the tour are already made for the following day, as are accommodation bookings for the large group, and neither are easily changed. This time around, a rest day was declared, which meant that apart from a light run, we got to spread out and spend some time away from each other. [Ed. Well away from those we don’t like.  You know what he means.] The group broke up into twos and threes and headed out to explore.  As usual, Darren (Team Psychologist) was told to meet outside the hotel an hour after everyone had left, and was last scene walking the streets alone.

The Prof and I finally got to do our sightseeing tour of Port Elizabeth. Sometimes it’s just worth spending the money on an inconspicuous treat, and other times going over the top is  just what the doctor ordered. But seriously, it’s not like we were going on safari or anything.

Back at the hotel, there was some murmuring about the way the South Africans got the ball to go reverse yesterday.  Some of the technical team spent today reviewing video footage from yesterday, and word is they’ve come up with something.  We’ll hear all about it tomorrow.

No doubt some heavy training for the batters facing the fast swinging delivery, and plenty of work for the fielders in handling the ball. I can’t wait.


* [Ed. this rather pathetic joke made by 17th at the expense of our resurgent NZ brothers needs to be illustrated by this short video by The Flight of the Conchords.]

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