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Feb 21 – Day 2 – Second Test

At breakfast today Coach2.0 had declared a Bacon Free Zone, in an attempt to get some balance back into the team’s diet in the face of the meat-obsession of our hosts.  The Freak, resident vegan and occasional diary editor, cheered loudly when the announcement was made [Ed. Too right!]. He led the attack on the files of fruit that magically ...

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Feb 20 – Day 1 – Second Test

There was a steady hubbub in the breakfast room this morning.  It was obviously getting on Coach2.0’s nerves.  After the second round of bacon had been served, he stood up and let rip.  “STOP TALKING ABOUT THE BL***Y PITCH!” he bellowed.  Things quietened down until all you could hear was the sound of dietary plans being ignored. The Prof and ...

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Feb 19 – The Pitch Doctors

Over breakfast The Freak and I rummaged through the Wikipedia entry for South African pitch doctors and what they do to prepare test match pitches. Junior joined us mid-conversation weighed down by a plate of streaky bacon strips and hash browns. He was long on bacon but short on conversation. Apparently, the ‘pitch doctor’ is an old term originally applied ...

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Feb 18 – Everyone can be hit

The Prof and I met The Freak early for breakfast as the sun peaked above the horizon across Nelson Mandela Bay. It was quiet apart from the rustling of the sea breeze through the open doors and the laughter of a group of children walking on the beach. The Freak was buried in the front pages of the Port Elizabeth ...

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Feb 17 – Flying South

With the second test due to start on Thursday in Port Elizabeth, there was no messing about today in getting down there to prepare. We all got early wake up calls to make breakfast at 6.  It was another boerewors smorgasbord, which pleased some more than others. It was the usual disorganized chaos as the touring party assembled with their ...

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