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Feb 12 – Day 1 – First Test

In sharp contrast to the traffic gridlock around every ground on both recent Ashes Tours, our team bus’s progress to the ground this morning was more “morning peak” than “cricket fan fueled frenzy”. There were few fans around, and the crowd grew slowly to peak at “not that many” through the day. The Team wasn’t announced until we got to ...

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Feb 11- Test Eve

Test Eve. The players are all on edge. I joined The Freak and The Natural for an after-dinner drink at the bar. They were busy planning their first two overs of pain for the South African top order. I wrote it down with my sharpie on the back of the barmaid’s apron. The first over: bouncer, bouncer, badge ball [3 ...

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Feb 10 – Pitch Imperfect

Hollywood lay on the masseurs table with his chin resting on his hands. His arms, glistening in a light sweat, dangled over the ends. A green towel was wrapped around his middle. Freddie, the masseur with the psychotic high pitched laugh, worked on his hamstring and beat on his wounded calf. A vile of oil lay on its side next ...

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Feb 9 – The Trouble with KP

If getting beaten 5-0 in an Ashes series they expected to win isn’t enough, the England Team’s masters seem intent on flushing their last few shreds of dignity down the double barrel Sochi cubicle of cricket history.  Their attempts to explain why they sacked KP, Firebrand and Essayist, after he led the run scoring in Australia, have turned into high ...

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Feb 8 – Man Up!

We’ve been sitting around here in the rain for days.  Net sessions and “intra-squad” matches just don’t cut it as far as getting ready for a Test match is concerned. Anyway, I though it was time to review the squad that’s been lugged out to South Africa ready for the next big examination of the Team’s progress back to Number ...

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