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Mar 9 – An Evening of Team Awards

Hard to believe that another tour is over and another awards night is done and dusted. These things are an inevitable sign of the ebb and flow of the seasons of life – successes, failures, opportunities grabbed and opportunities lost. There were no fans lined up to wave us out of the hotel as we filed into the bus in ...

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Mar 8 – Proteas Awards party

The Natural received a note from Big Vern this morning recounting in exquisite prose the end-of-an-era SA team dinner last night. It was clear that a few of the team had read it before The Freak passed it on to me – it had almost as many salacious side annotations as my fifth form French text. The Saffa’s had repaired ...

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Test in Tweets, Part II – SAvAUS – Third Test – Cape Town

This is Part II of the twitter feast from the Third Test at Newlands. Is there anything more that a dead Captain can do than call his men to stonewall more than 4 sessions for a draw on a fifth day shirtfront? Such is the die-in-the-ditch loyalty he commands in the dressing-room that they almost did it. As it was, nothing ...

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Test in Tweets, Part I – SAvAUS – Third Test – Cape Town

It is rare for a test to get to the last 6 overs on day 5. This Test had it all – Smith announcing his retirement on day 3, a dead pitch, 1200 runs, batting collapses, wolf howling, stupid sledging, the DRS ‘thumb of God’, shattered bowlers, badged batsmen, a buggered knee and more DOT BALLS than anyone thought possible, not to mention the ...

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Mar 6 – Sunrise on Devil’s Peak

Whilst the team (including Members of the Reject Club who think they almost played but didn’t) is still heavy with celebration, tucked up in the Cape’s starched bed sheets, The Prof and I sat above it all on the steps of the Rhodes monument on Devil’s Peak drenched in the early morning sun. Below us, Newlands stood bare stripped of ...

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