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Dad’s Cricket Diary – Aug 20 – Will I, Won’t I?

Every year at about this time an email arrives from a mate announcing the new cricket season. I normally hit delete before reading about the dates and the fees.

Today, however, I read it through twice. Season starts in a few weeks. Team going down a grade after losing a couple of  bowlers. Need a few players etc etc.

Maybe it’s time for a comeback. There are a few regular players in the team who are older than me.  If they can do it, so can I!

I raised the idea rather tentatively with Mrs Cricket but she was surprisingly enthusiastic. Very enthusiastic.  How come she wants me out of the house on Saturdays?

The memories are flooding back. I can’t believe it’s twenty five years since I played regularly. I helped set up this team I’m being invited to play for, though the Teams’s first season was if fact my last. I can’t even remember why I stopped playing.

Last year there was a 25 Year Celebration Match – with an All Stars Team playing against the current team, sort of.  There was no way I was going to miss out on this – the idea of playing the role of the Grand Old Man of the Club for an afternoon was very attractive.  After all, having opened the batting on the first day, all those years ago, I am the proud owner of the number “1” on the player stats spreadsheet – if not No 1 in any stat related to performance. Not that I’ve got a tattoo or anything.

It was a huge buzz to walk out onto the green with my old mate Jimbo to open the batting together, just as we had all those years ago. I managed to crack a crisp back foot drive through cover for 2 before swiping across the line and getting bowled. Overall, it felt good. The less said about my fielding, on the other hand, the better, although I did manage to slip a little in-swinger between bat and pad and get a wicket.

Will I or won’t I?

I might go to the first net session and see how I pull up.

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This work of fiction © Dave Cornford

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