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Sep 6 – The Final

Back at the hotel , the team licked its wounds tonight after being mauled by South Africa in the final of this throw-back to the 1990’s, the triangular series. Things started OK, but with Lucky, Trapper Smith and Mr G scraping only 37 runs between them, it was never going to be enough. The team was basically rubbed out by ...

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Sep 5 – Finals Eve

The team seems very focused on who’s not here (The Captain, Puff Warner) and this is not a healthy state of mind when we have to face up to Steyn and Co tomorrow. [Ed. That’s the Royal We, not in any sense implying that 17th is playing in the final tomorrow]  Someone organised a whole bunch of life-sized and quite ...

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Sep 4 – Snakes Alive!

I breakfasted with the Prof at 6.30am as usual. He was not his sparkling self, short on conversation, bleary-eyed, rumpled, fidgety, and grumpy as hell. A picture of disquiet and unmistakeable irascibility. He munched away deep in thought or possibly self-reflection. He saw me studying him perplexed. I knew better than to interrupt. When he was finished, he pushed his plate ...

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Sep 3 – Mitch-Craft

ESPN calls it ‘mitchcraft’. I was trolling through back pages of a musty magazine at the hotel. I came across a double page review of witch craft in Zimbabwe since it was legalised. Not a week passes without another report of victims afflicted by a disabling spell or herbal potpourri infused with monkey dust. According to one report, “… two ...

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Sep 2 – Everyone Loves Mitchell

Today’s rather magnificent win against SA was brought to you by the Letter M and the number 3 M is for Mitchell, and we have three of those M is for Michael Clarke – we’ve mis-placed our one of those M is for MMMmmmmm, which is what Coach2.0 said after the match, which is quite different to what he said ...

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