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Oct 30 – Second Test – Day 1

The Selectors were clearly affected by the heat when they wrote up the team sheet for today. I don’t want to get personal, but putting someone in at No 3 whose average is under 10 and whose claim to fame is the ramp shot smacks of desperation. Apples took the news of his axing well, although I’ve seem him and ...

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Oct 29 – Second Test – Test Eve

It’s hard to judge if the tide of humanity that ebbed into Abu Dhabi is real, and if it is going to translate into a packed house tomorrow for the Second Test. The capacity of the ground is only 20,000 [Ed. They’ve been struggling to get 20 to the games so far] so who knows what will happen. One thing ...

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Oct 28 – World Migration Trends

I woke up to the faint but constant background noise of plane after plane lining up to land at Abu Dhabi. Their landing lights trailed off to the horizon. I counted 10 or more A380’s; just as many were jammed together to take off on a parallel runway in the… Oct 28 – World Migration Trends Oct 28 – World ...

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PAKVAUS – First Test in Tweets

Day 1 – Oct 22 @17thManDiary” Is The Big Show too gifted, impetuous & experimental to be Test Captain? Much like Gough, really. @17thManDiary: Wishing @kokeeffe49 presented Steve “Skull2” O’Keefe with his baggy green this morning @DennisCricket_: Has anyone made the joke about the crowd turning up dressed as chairs yet? No? Good. First one of the season. ...

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Oct 27 – The Desert Flower

Aaron Hotchner, Criminal Minds: “… pain is the breaking of the shell that encloses your understanding.” ~~ Kahlil Gibran The Captain finished his 11th post-match interview this morning as fresh and as reflectively upbeat as a desert flower. What else could he do? His optimistic words amid the rubble of defeat, whilst an odd paradox for a man who hates ...

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