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Daily Archives: October 14, 2014

Oct 13 – 3-0 and Back to No. 1

No one is sure how we managed to win the third ODI, but a win is a win is a win. We scrapped our way to 231, with Mr G, Lucky and Wicky not doing much to trouble the scorers on another flat, turning wicket. This is a bit of a worry for the rest of this tour, but not ...

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Oct 12 – Kevin’s Autobio-Spray

I thought the Prof’s speculative investment in KP’s autobiography was foolish and told him so in my circular indirect approach to constructive criticism. “I don’t understand,” he said tucking into a second scrambled egg mountain. “Your reasoning is as erratic as a deflating balloon – all energy and no telemetry.” “I’ll rephrase. The book is ill-advised, whimsical, unhinged, foolish, petulant, ...

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