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PAKVAUS – First Test in Tweets

Day 1 – Oct 22

@17thManDiary” Is The Big Show too gifted, impetuous & experimental to be Test Captain? Much like Gough, really.

@17thManDiary: Wishing @kokeeffe49 presented Steve “Skull2” O’Keefe with his baggy green this morning

@DennisCricket_: Has anyone made the joke about the crowd turning up dressed as chairs yet? No? Good. First one of the season.
@rdhinds: The Human Rights Commission has intervened and insisted Steve Smith bowl to increase the run rate.

@LiebCricket: Remember when Australia was taking one wicket per over in this Test? They should go back to doing that. #PAKvAUS

@Ye_CriCkeT_Hai : Only 76 more runs and Younis has a hundred against every Test side. Should get there by next week. #PAKvAUS

@17thManDiary: Thought I saw movement on the boundary but it was only a dog talking to a spare seat PAKvAUS

@Dhom_AfriDi: Pakistan’s front-line bowling attack experience: 22 wickets

Australia’s front-line bowling attack experience: 564 wickets
@LiebCricket: I bet Australia wish they had access to some #SexyRyanHarris here. Or some Maxwell Magic™. Or, hell, the Hayne friggin’ Plane. #PAKvAUS

@17thManDiary: @LiebCricket I assume you mean Jim Maxwell.

@liamthompson1: What’s Ashton Agar do these days? #PAKvAUS
@51allout: Now getting to the point where Clarke will do something stupid just for the hell of it. Our guess is that he’ll give Haddin a bowl #PakvAus

@Adam_CF: The non separation of facial hair between moustache and beard is clearly affecting Mitch Johnson’s performance #PAKvAUS

@Repoman01: If you had that size crowd at @TheAdelaideOval it would still take you most of a session to get served a beer. #PAKvAUS

@TomChadwickFox: Let’s look on the bright side. At least the atmosphere in the UAE is making up for the lack of scoring #PAKvAUS

@AresMarsFlack: With crowds like this, Dubai puts in an impressive bid to host Sheffield Shield games #PAKvAUS #PAKvsAUS

@17thManDiary: At tea, play is slower than a Dickens novel. Warner and Smith to bowl to stumps #PAKvAUS

@TheCricketGeek: Steve Smith bowls the best loopy full toss in world cricket

@parry_stuart: Every kids dream debuting in a stadium that appears to have been purpose built as an Ebola staging area #PAKvAUS

@17thManDiary: Pitch is like a swingers bar. Batsmen only #PAKvAUS

@17thManDiary: It’s so hot even the oil is melting #PAKvAUS
@LukeAus: haddin wears a helmet when keeping at stumps for marsh. if he brings out the riot gear i assume he is doing it for johnson #PAKvAUS

@AresMarsFlack: Good progress that Lyon has gone the buzzcut, a rational man would have called time on his hairline years ago #PAKvAUS #PAKvsAUS

@JakeBurgo: @aidanfawkes you think K-Rudd bores you? try watching this test match… #yawn #PAKvAUS


Day 2 – Oct 23

@Jack_Quigley: They say not to judge a pitch until both teams have batted on it, but I’m willing to take the gamble and say that this deck is flat #PAKvAUS

@adsmckie: I don’t often turn cricket off but at this rate #Pakistan will be batting for the 5 days and will make 800 plus some..#PAKvAUS

@17thManDiary: The last time I leaked runs like this was after a big night out #pakvaus

@iamshaunbailey: Pakistani commentators blowing Pakistani batsmen for scoring runs on a dead flat pitch epitomises everything wrong with cricket.#PakvAus

@TitusOReily: I much preferred just belting the living suitcases out of England to be honest. #PAKvAUS

@17thManDiary: Time to watch Air Crash Investigations #PAKvAUS

@KylePollard: Greece has a better economy than Steve Smith #PAKvAUS

@LiebCricket: Pakistan have accelerated their innings to perfection. I estimate they’ll be scoring at 85 runs per over by this time tomorrow. #PAKvAUS

@Alivingston68: O’Keefe is now having a better debut than Simon Kerrigan. #PAKvAUS

@Alivingston68: The longer Pakistan bats, the more sunburnt Chris Rogers gets. #PAKvAUS

@Robfromtaroona: well, bugger me, 2 wickets in a session this pitch is really starting to play up #PAKvAUS

@17thManDiary: Apologies viewers. The footage from the UAE contains images of umpires who are really really fed up #PAKvAUS

@TheCricketGeek: Dave Warner has just broken the record for the most times a batsman has undone and redone the Velcro on his batting gloves in Tests – 3375


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Day 3

@DennisCricket_: Watson has reacted angrily at Hafeez trying to steal his “shit DRS user” status

@ajarrodkimber: Warner is ranked 5th in the ICC rankings, had SA dropped him two or three more times, he’d be number 1.

@warwicktodd_not: Ahh Dools is in. I’m surprised he hasn’t been dropped yet for not being Ricky Ponting

@warwicktodd_not: The Bull with another century. The crowd, totalling three mini buses today, claps their appreciation

@TheCricketGeek: Watching this match on a PTV feed. Far as I can work out the only thing they sell in Pakistan are mobile phones & Pepsi

@Not_Chappelli: I hope the stadium cleaning staff don’t get paid by the hour #PAKvAUS

@AresMarsFlack: No pressure, Steve O’Keefe, but our last debutant spinner scored 98 in his first test. No pressure #PAKvAUS

@RicFinlay: Australia struggling in Tests played between the equator and latitude 29 deg N


Day 4

@imranahmadkh: Ahmad Shehzad is doing a triple PhD in batting with Youni bhai on the crease. #YKLegend #PakvAus

@AfterGrogBlog: The Lunch Break show is excellent, despite being a fiasco. Reminds me of Bring Me the Head of Alfredo Garcia. #FineFiasco #PAKvAUS

@ichymochek: Pakistan have played their way into a strong match-fixing position @Strauchanside #PAKvAUS

@LiebCricket: “Bad luck, Chris. Unlucky dismissal. Hey, apropos of nothing, have you ever thought about, I dunno, retiring?” – Phil Hughes. #PAKvAUS

@LiebCricket Rogers: “Mate, when I retire I’ll make way for someone who can play spin… I mean just play. Bad luck.”
Hughes: “Bugger.”
17thManDiary: “Hey boys. What’s happening.”
“We’re getting trashed by a make up bowling unit on a shirtfront in Dubai.”
“250 behind”

@17thManDiary: Where are all the Aussie tweeters? List on the great migration to Syria? Cricket is indeed a fair weather game #PAKvAUS

@theoddbowl: I like that. Pakistan waiting for 2nd, harder new ball to accelerate. #PAKvAUS

@aussiedutchman: The #PAKvAUS game is so goddamn boring i am watching the soccer!

@dashdown85: The prodigal Watto will return to save Australia. #PAKvAUS

@Strauchanside: Brad Haddin should take a leaf out of AB de Villiers book and have a bowl himself #pakvaus

@paulfcb74: Market expecting a funky decleration from Misbah here? #PAKvAUS

@17thManDiary: Shehzad strikes Siddle’s simple stockers fenceward #PAKvAUS

@17thManDiary: “@UberFacts: Dolphins have been known to rescue injured or drowning humans on multiple occasions.” Might save defeat in the UAE? #PAKvAUS


Day 5

@gradecricketer: Oh, you’d like a set of throwdowns before your innings? Sure, here’s 15 yorkers & an ‘accidental’ beamer. Hope that gets your eye in, champ.

@17thManDiary: Aussies break new record: Fewest 4’s scored by Australia in an innings of 50+ overs since 1934 #PAKvAUS

@17thManDiary: There is only one man in the world who can help Australia now and knows what it feels like – Alastair Cooke #PAKvAUS
LiebCricket: Reverse swinging yorkers by Pakistan bowlers is sooooo 90s. #PAKvAUS

@Zahidcricket: LUNCH Day 5. Aus 117-7, need 321 runs to win. Pakistan need 3 wickets to win their 4th Test match in 20 years against the Kangaroos #PAKvAUS

@17thManDiary: Swallows leaving England for the winter are tweeting “Bring Back Watson NOW” #PAKvAUS

@51allout: We’re hoping that after each ball Johnson successfully defends, Lehmann punches Doolan in the back of the head. The useless git #PakvAus

@LiebCricket: Pakistan doing their best now to Pakistan this Test. But Australia’s Australianing of it should still prove superior. #PAKvAUS

@51allout: The positives for Australia at this point: O’Keefe is about as much a number 11 as Agar. The negatives; they are completely screwed #PakvAus

@khawajaNNInews: Before this Test, Pakistan won only 2 Test by runs margin v Australia – at Sydney by 74 runs 1995 & in 1979 at Melbourne by 71 runs #PAKvAUS

@Jack_Quigley: It’s now to the point where I’d just be trying to injure the close-in fielders. Take something from the game. #PAKvAUS

@cricinfo_record: Smith-Johnson’ 65-run stand is the 2nd highest 8th wkt stand for Australia in 4th inns of a Test behind Ponting-Warne 76 v Eng 2005 #PAKvAUS

@stustar09: Well if we had 11 Mitchell Johnson’s, we might have a chance of winning! #PAKvAUS

@Drunk_As_Roy: Seriously how spoilt have we been with Punter at #3 for a decade? As good as Pup is he’s soft by avoiding batting there. #PAKvAUS

@AresMarsFlack: Quick note to Mitch Marsh: in Dubai “getting stoned” means something very different #PAKvAUS

@Special_Asim: And this Test goes to final session only due to Pakistan dropping catches #PAKvAUS

@51allout: After flashing bails, the next innovation we would like to see is flashing batting creases #PakvAus

@51allout: We’ll, that’s one Englishman whose finally been able to get one back over Johnson #PAKvAUS

@Jack_Quigley: Not sure why anyone is surprised. Khawaja missed one by a foot last year and was given out on referral. #PAKvAUS

@LiebCricket: Australia need, what, 8 runs an over or so? Need to build a platform for a charge in the death overs. #PAKvAUS
So that was out originally. Pakistan has won the test unofficially. #PAKvAUS

@An_ScorpioN: The most experienced bowler in this pack played just 6 matches, yet they manage to get 20 wickets against Aussies. Wow!

@sawerapasha: And Pakistan has done it. They have handed a BIG defeat to Australia in Dubai. Pakistan 1 up in series of 2 Test matches. #Cricket #PakvAus

@alisha_shahzadi: Brilliant ! Pakistan players started to pull out the stumps before the referral decision had actually been given 🙂 #PakvAus #Cricket”

@paulsuttor: Mitch Johnson, annual earnings in 7 figures, gets novelty cheque for $500 for fastest ball in Test. Like $5 note in birthday card from Nanna

@AresMarsFlack Oct 26: Brad Hodge’s mum has a clear view why Australia lost to Pakistan #PAKvAUS



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