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AUSvSA ODI Series – Game 4

At the MCG, there were more seagulls than spectators, less guile than brute force, and more weakness in the knees when it counted than strength in the head.  We had to acknowledge AB is a near genius, given all the bloody sports he is good at, yet equally praise the fidgeting Piggy for his calculating 100 that brought Australia home with the swinging willows of Wade and Jimmy. Mid-way through our innings, Tom Waterhouse offered insane adds on an AUS victory. I hope that Packer went big and the bugger went broke.

There are two things AB cannot do – win a game for SA single-handed, and win a Melbourne Cup. Keep Piggy in the middle and Pup somewhere else. At least that is what twitter thinks.

Tweet of the death watch? @dwm09: I’m guessing there’ll be a lot of disappointed St Ives residents after this ODI tonight. The rest of us can just breathe a sigh of relief.

Never in doubt, never.  3 – 1, series done );


@AltCricket: South Africa too interested in “giving everybody a game.” Which is a great mantra if you’re playing a Sunday 4th XI match…
@51allout: Maxwell back today. Worth an extra ten thousand bums on seats. Selectors clearly see him as a bit of a loose cannon #12thman

@IndiaInOz: Mark Waugh would have had a cup of tea while waiting for that catch to arrive and then taken it easily
@LiebCricket: Amla with the old clicky handle trick, trying to draw reviews out of the Australians. Cunning

@InnoBystander: Looks like there is a turnstile problem at the MCG which means fans can’t get into the ground…
@Dave_the_Dalek: #AUSvSA In the Witness Protection Program? Head down to the MCG. You won’t be found there…

@51allout: Coulter-Nile out for the rest of the game. Bad news for him. Potentially good news for #Devereux legspin aficionados
@prat1204: Who is the ‘hammy manager’ for South Africa? A few other countries could benefit hiring him

@CricketTalkback: James Sutherland: ‘We did have concerns about the crowd at this game in the lead up’
@quarterbakpunk: Is it true mark Nicholas is married to two men?

@GraemeSmith49: If any commentary team needed an outsider in their team, it’s the channel 9 team [249 retweets] @51allout: Fun fact: a gigasecond is 1,000,000,000 seconds, or 31.7 years. It’s also the length of time it takes Watson to walk back to his mark

@17thManDiary: Great. A Bunnings add. At last a break from AB
@LiebCricket: Kinda pointless to applaud AB de Villiers fifties, isn’t it?

@JeremyMurphy9: If you asked channel 9 AB De Villiers could probably cure cancer
@17thManDiary: Kidnap AB. Get him to a photocopier and map his genes. Then 3D print the monster
@ShartruWealth: De Villiers won’t have a problem getting a date in the channel 9 commentary box #mancrush

@Tombell12: Plucked out the diamond from the stones, finally ABD goes! RSA 230/5

@AustraliaVotes: Steyn swinging like an old rusty gate

@the_sillypoint: Warner gone. No fireworks
@MattJStorey: Coo-wee chant going up to see if there is actually anyone at the #cricket
@crowdiegal: #AUSvSA Found at the MCG…a partnership. Hold all conspiracy theories

@justus_beets: South Africa coming back into the game, Finch by Finch

@an_usa_bar: Maxwell got himself an iPhone6 bat
@BrentonMinshall: Lucky the cricket is not on the ABC or The Big Show would be cut! #ABCbudgetcutshows
@17thManDiary: Maxi needs some time out if the game. He should go to a pub in a foreign country and belt a partridge

@Suburbia3121: Steyn continues his descent into psychosis with each rage fuelled celebration of a another wicket

@BowerVivian: Why are the Aussies always booing in the crowd, did someone steal a sheep?
@BuduInya: This cricket is reminding me of Friday night footy. The middle of the Aussie batting order is softer than the middle of the Broncos

@LiebCricket: Steve Smith Fidget-o-meter™ back in action
@ydj_love: @LiebCricket how about a spit-o-meter. Dew factor?? Nah just smith’s spit
@Sarcasmisms: Smith has touched his balls more in this innings than a paedo at a playground!

@TW_Bet: Our traders disagree with the viewers verdict. #AUS $3.40 #SA $1.30 Call 1800 238 222 to bet live

@rosyTownRants: Now there are 2 Abbotts ruining AUS. Kyle has bowled extremely well
@51allout: We are as yet unsure as to whose side the seagulls are on. Maybe they aren’t on anyone’s side. Maybe they’ve gone rogue

@thisbruknows: The wheels have officially come off

@crowdiegal: #AUSvSA And at the MCG, an 11th commandment was created: Thou never let us speak of leaving Steve Smith out of the side again

@51allout: If Australia do get home from here, we feel sorry for who has to clean the Channel Nine commentary box afterwards. Bit excited eh?
@worldofBG: Good job from Wade but if Drew Morphett thinks he would get MOM over Smith if Australia get up he needs real help
@17thManDiary: Devereux eats seagulls for lunch, scores runs after tea
@DennisCricket_: 16 people stand as one to applaud Smith’s century

@InnoBystander: Wow – finally Steyn been pulled out of the attack…
@fishmanohyeah: Ian Healys commentary is the root cause of the decline in cricket in this country

@DennisCricket_: RT if you think Faulkner is more valuable than Maxwell in this team. Choose another sport if you don’t
@RMHogg: Street smart, mongrel and will to win cannot be taught at any academy. @JamesFaulkner44 can never be underestimated in all forms of game

@InnoBystander: Saffers are going to call their Indian friends up for advice on how to bowl at the death…

@JustJimWillDo: That’ll do Pig. That’ll do
@Kieren_OCall: I want @stevesmith49 to have my babies! #mancrush
@lueManShu1: I’m confused bloke – you want him to bonk your missus
@that_stac: They need to introduce corporal punishment in cricket. And let the public hand out the jacks. I’ll take the thin reed thanks

@dwm09: I’m guessing there’ll be a lot of disappointed St Ives residents after this ODI tonight
@LiebCricket: Faulkner’s definition of ‘staying out there with Smithy’ is apparently 34 (19)

@17thManDiary: An anti-climax climax. Not even Shakespeare could do that. Top drawer!
@theSportress: Does anyone know how to fake a birth certificate to prove Shane Watson isn’t Australian? Asking for a friend

@17thManDiary: ODI 4: SA death bowlers to star in Harry Potter remake

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