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Nov 4 – Misbah’s drinks and home

There are a lot of roads in the UAE but not many speed humps. You can travel as fast as you want to but don’t get arrested. Travelling in the UAE requires patience, knowing to go slow past built up areas, schools and police cars, and to go fast when everyone else is. You have to know the rules of ...

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Nov 3 – Second Test – Day 5

Trapper soldiered on today, only to fall short of a well deserved 100 by three lowsy runs. There is no truth in the rumour that his “gentleman’s area” got too chaffed to continue, on account of his constant adjustments. (He is, after all, the perpetual holder of the Shimano Tackle Adjustment Award). The truth is much simpler: he got out. ...

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PAKVAUS – Second Test in Tweets

This test had everything. Younis [Ed. Did I say YOUNIS?] and some bloke over 40 called Misbah who belted part of the ‘best bowling team in the world’ for the equal fastest test century ever (56 balls) and also scored a century in the first innings. It also had a junior Pakistani bowling unit who managed to skittle Australia twice, comfortably, ...

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Nov 2 – Second Test, Day 4

What a train wreck this tour is. The pointless exercise of winning the ODIs and regaining No 1 spot in ODI Rankings seems a million miles away, buried under the sand of the desert as a transient trinket in the memory. On the first day of the first test, we bound the Pakistan team up so tight they couldn’t score ...

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Nov 1 – Second Test, Day 3

Compared to the torpor of the dressing room yesterday, we were all awake early and stayed awake all day. Once play began, there was no time for stealing a quiet cat nap to settle the nerves. Wickets fell more regularly than the muezzin’s call to prayers. And rather than face east to Mecca to repent or find resolve, those of ...

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