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Jan 30 – In praise of Sir Ravindra Jadeja

Unsighted during the Test Series in Australia, Sir Jadeja is still an unknown quantity, one of the rank outsiders India has brought to Australia to pull off an unlikely quarter final berth in WC15. If he is a known unknown for his many Rumsfeldesque detractors, he is an enigma to his supporters, armed with the promise of limitless potential rarely ...

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Jan 27 – Knighthoods and executive fiat

The Prime Minister finished reading the Sports Pages of The Financial Times. “Get HRH on the telephone would you please Bernard” “Yes, Prime Minister.” A minute or two passed. The PM finished his cup if tea. “Good Morning Your Majesty… I’m glad to hear it… I wanted to check. Is it true that the Head Boy down under, Abbott, has ...

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Jan 24 – Guest Post – James Morgan

A post from Old Blighty arrived today from James Morgan, the brother of Eoin Morgan, hapless England Skipper. James writes for The Full Toss, an online cricketing blog. He will be offering the English perspective of the World Cup for as long as he can stomach it. His style is more direct, yet steeped in the bog of unrequited hope ...

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Jan 22 – Injury, compensation and a fine

“They called him little ‘Puff’ Warner at primary school.” Christmas said. She is the team’s psychologist. “The big kids always stood in the front at Monday morning assemblies.” “Poor bugger. Imagine being at the bottom of the English class and at the back of assembly. I guess he never saw the Headmaster read out the weekend cricket results. I didn’t ...

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16 January AUSvENG SCG: Punishing England

The English school the team attends is known for its focus on the tripos – history, philosophy and politics. Preparing its students for a career in the Foreign Office or as an ECB cricketer means everything. The Headmaster is a wizened old bird with old fashioned values and a cane. The incident he was considering now occurred on Friday afternoon ...

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