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Feb 27 – What the sheep will tell you

Training finished early this afternoon. There is only so much net practice can do to replace the lack of game time. We have not had a game for two weeks, yet have had to watch the minnows fling teddy bears at each other. This is as good as it gets during the week. We play New Zealand in Auckland tomorrow, ...

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Feb 27 – MND Fundraising Ideas

Australian cricketer Shane Watson is a supporter of Motor Neuron Disease research, and has pledged to donate $200 for every four he scores at the tournament, $300 for every six and $300 for each wicket. As strong supporters of the MND cause, we’re concerned that this may not flood the research coffers with cash.  Cricket is a funny game you know. The ...

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Feb 22 – Top Ten Curries of the World Cup

Make no mistake, everyone loves curry [Ed. Apart from Shane Warne] and so there is no other dish that can so easily sum up what’s happening at the Cricket World Cup in 2015. Virat Vindaloo – One of the hottest curries at the World Cup, sure to be a hit. Maccas Dehli Belly Special Curry – If there’s one thing ...

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Feb 19 – How Johnson came to do The Captain’s interview

The Captain hoisted his thumb over the heads of the senior players towards Coach2.0 as if to say it was all good, and left the huddle to mingle with the younger players. One of the senior players said “He could have been thumbing the breeze. Coach2.0 is outside having a quick smoke.” “He can’t be serious?” “Why not? It’s him, ...

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Feb 17 – Ireland is a valuable Empire outpost after all

No one thinks much of the West Indies these days after losing to Ireland after posting 300. Their management is further down the hole than the ECB. James Morgan @thefulltoss has done a sterling job reintegrating Ireland to the British Empire – a win is a win! Read his essay from the Mother Country with rising pleasure. *** It’s not ...

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