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May 26 – Drinking Rum and Coca Cola

Hello from Antigua! The Prof and I managed to get on the plane for this little two test tour, but I’m not telling how. No money changed hands, and neither of us were mentioned in dispatches in relation to the England coaching job – good grief, everyone else was, although they didn’t all have a top Test score of over 200.

Get your diaries sorted out and ink in the Tests, so you’ll know when you’re not able to watch the cricket on free to air TV.

1st Test – 3-7 June, Windsor Park, Dominica

2nd Test – 11-15 Jun, Sabina Park, Kingston.

We’re getting into the swing of things here, although our cultural immersion in the local spirit of things has come to an end after an incident involving the middle order, a vat of rum and coke a very very large and unhappy local. I wasn’t there, but the Coach 2.0 has tightened the curfew and increased the training schedule, so it was no petty incident.

Those of us who can still stand have been keeping an eye on proceedings at Lords, with England coming from behind to take the first Test against the unlucky Kiwis. We’re prtty happy – anything that lulls England into a false sense of security before The Ashes is fine with us.


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