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June 10 – Game of Thrones

I played poker last night with The Prof, both Marshes and Eve (Adam Voges). The Freak joined us a little later, but his heart wasn’t really in it. Sleep was a higher priority, something to do with a spicy banana. At the table the Marshes were as swampy as ever, casting sideways glances at the Prof and I whenever the ...

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Tweeting through England V NZ

Even if I say so myself, I’ve been tweeting up a storm through the balmy English spring as New Zealand and England arm-wrestled to a 1-1 series draw. If it hadn’t been for England’s effort on Day 4 at Lords, they’d have lost this 2-zip for sure. Here’s a selection of twitter fun. May 18 @17thManDiary: Well dressed hounds smelling ...

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6 June – Postcard from IS

The Freak wandered in to my hotel room. The door was open. I was writing at the desk in the corner. He flicked a black envelope onto the bed. “Thanks”, I said. “What do you expect me to do with that?” “Open it.” “It is not addressed to me. How do you know it’s mine?” “Hotel reception said so.” “Who ...

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