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Aug 26 – Memorabilia, anyone?

Everyone in the camp is still a little forlorn now that the series is over. Despite our big win at the rather pretentious and self-satisfied venue that is The Oval (which is no better than any other oval I’ve played at), the series is lost. At least this three year Ashes feast is over and we can get back to ...

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Aug 25 – Alastair’s press conference

The English press crammed into a small media room at The Oval following the presentations waiting for Alastair and the Boy ‘Baby’ Root. Chef was his dreamy self, a broad jaw full of soft spoken public school honesty and casual manner. Waiting all day to lose a match in order to hoist a crystal urn on an artificial dais can ...

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Aug 23 – Fifth Test – Day 4

The Prof reappeared today fresh from his time away… in Greece. When I picked him up outside the airport in his Rolls, he greeted me like a long lost sibling, flicked me a cheap statuette he picked up from a street merchant in Athens, and jumped straight into the back seat. I was left, with the help of two bystanders, ...

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Aug 22 – Fifth Test – Day 3

It’s been a few weeks since it seemed realistic to wake up on Day 3 of a Test and think we can win it and get on with the team song,. then finally accept Chef’s invitation for a beer. I guess someone will have to have a shandy with The Boy Root – surely he’s still underage? I’m not sure where ...

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Aug 21 – Fifth Test – Day 2

There was still some work to do when we showed up to bat, but it got done. Trapper was back to his old self, bagging  a lovely ton, while Mr Darcy let his long levers do the talking with some lusty hitting for a well made 50 odd. Two hundred stacked onto the total in short order – a good ...

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