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Aug 14 – A Win and a Washout

The Southern Stars romped it in by 161 runs today, skittling England for 101 in Kent. The weather stayed fine for them in the Sou’ East, and they’ve now got one hand on the Ashes. Those Ashes. Whatever.

As for us, up in the Midlands it was raining when we woke up. Yesterday’s air of nonchalant indifference towards the game became damp diffidence today. I’m playing, but I haven’t seen a team list so don’t know if The Prof is or isn’t.  He always takes his full kit with him, so there’s nothing I can glean from that.

We all got wet getting on the bus (this hotel has some rather rough House Port, but no Porte-Cochere) and the rain really set in as we drove to the ground. We all got wet getting out of the bus. And finding our way to the dressing room. And inspecting the ground. Mr Darcy hogged the hand-driver in the bathroom trying to warm up. The umpires tried to look hopeful, but the moisture dripping off their hats whenever they appeared to announce that the next decision on play commencing would be in an hour was a give away.

During what should have been the lunch break, there was the inevitable announcement that Trapper will be taking over as El-Capitano once Sir Captain completes his tour of duty at the end of The Oval Test. The last day of his reign will be 24 August, 2015 [Ed. or 23rd, or 22nd, depending on how we go at winning – or losing] and I’m sure some emotional and New-Idea-photo-shoot-worthy moments will occur. It would be nice for him to get one last chance to sing the team song, but there’s no guarantee of that.

Dust to Dust Puff Final TAs for his deputy, the only other player sure of playing in the next series is Puff, so he got the nod as Vice Captain. This will raise some eyebrows in some sections of the cricketing community and the media, who are quick to remember the incident last tour when Puff gave The Boy Root a tap in some nightclub – and got rightly suspended. They quickly forgot Ponting’s Bourbon and Beefsteak incident in 1999 when the runs flowed subsequently, so they should really get over it. Assuming, of course, that the runs flow.

Parker, the chauffeur we’ve got on retainer for the duration of the Tour, stuck his head into the dressing room at about 4, but The Prof shoo-ed him away with a look. Not sure what that was all about, but I fancied a tour of Nor-thampton in the back of whatever Roller he’s got for us, but it was not to be.

Weather looks improved, so we might get some play tomorrow. Or the next day. Fingers crossed.


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