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Aug 6 – Fourth Test – Day 1

The worst Ashes collapse we, Australia, have suffered since 1936, and the fewest balls bowled to dismiss an innings, ever. Worse than in South Africa, worse than any New Zealand innings, ever, ever. All out 60. A day’s cricket doesn’t get any worse than this. [Ed. lets wait until tomorrow] My Dad phoned saying he was moving house again for ...

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Aug 5 – Fourth Test Eve

The successful pranking of the England Team at Nottingham Castle last night has lifted the spirits of the team no end. As for the WAGs, they were still laughing so much they were crying tears of joy into their bowls of Special K this morning. There is more than a little selection speculation going around, with several options being considered: ...

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Aug 4 – Men in Tights

After our failed trip to Sherwood Forest during the Derbyshire game, we were dead keen to make it there while in Nottingham. “Is there a current ‘Sheriff of Nottingham’?” The Prof asked from the back seat of the Rolls Royce of the day. “I know there’s a Bailiff of Nottingham, in fact I’ve had his personal acquaintance,” said Parker from ...

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Aug 3 – Purging the curse of Jimmy

My night was occupied tending to The Prof who is still feeling the after shocks of spending an evening in the British museum chased by an Egyptian mummy. A scare like that provokes all sorts of childhood nightmares long ago buried in the deepest cavities of the hippocampus. At times the Prof’s movement was so random and violent I thought ...

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Aug 2 – Seat warming isn’t what it used to be

UnLucky reads a lot on his kindle. Poor bugger. No one else on tour reads anything, comics aside, except me and Coach2.0 who reads my stuff on email [Ed. I wouldn’t read your diary but for the email you send, and if I don’t read it my bloody ipad shuts down for 24 hours.] UnLucky was consuming all the gossip ...

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