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Dad’s Cricket Diary – Sept 29 – Everything Hurts

They say Tuesday is the worst, and I hope they’re right! I don’t think there is a muscle that isn’t sort – although only an aged athlete understands the term “sore in a good way.” That is until you try and do something, like climb the stairs on out of the train station going to work, bending over to pick ...

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Dad’s Cricket Diary – Sept 27 – The Day After

Just before I went to sleep last night, I remembered that I’d taken off a dress ring just before the game and dropped it into the end pocket of my kit. I knew I’d forget it if I didn’t retrieve it as soon as I thought of it – either that or worry all night about whether I’d lost it. ...

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Dad’s Cricket Diary – Sept 26 – Round 1, Week 2

The team was as tardy dribbling along to the game as they had been last week. We took the field with  just 8 present and correct at the start of play. With Son2.0 joining is as a super-sub, this was a momentous occasion for me, taking the field with both the boys, and feeling rather smug because at least I’d ...

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Dad’s Cricket Diary – Sept 23 – Another Dream

I can remember my Dad constantly falling asleep in front of the TV, regardless of how interesting the program was or how many days he’d been lobbying the household with “Don’t forget we’re watching such and such on Wednesday night.” This habit has hit me this year, and has been worse in the last couple of weeks. Tonight I was ...

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Dad’s Cricket Diary – Sept 19 – Round 1 Week 1

Not raining. Check. Not too hot. Check. Early signs were good. I checked the time and location of the game twice, and programmed the ground into the GPS. I was nervous enough without having to rely on the mumbly communication of a directionally challenged teenage nagigator when driving cross-town at midday on a Saturday. We managed to make it to ...

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