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Dad’s Cricket Diary – Sept 27 – The Day After

Just before I went to sleep last night, I remembered that I’d taken off a dress ring just before the game and dropped it into the end pocket of my kit. I knew I’d forget it if I didn’t retrieve it as soon as I thought of it – either that or worry all night about whether I’d lost it. So I went down to the garage in my pyjamas, found the ring and popped it on my finger.

Of course, my mistake was that, unlike almost every night of my life, I forgot to take the ring off when I finally went to bed.

When I woke up this morning, the finger was a little swollen and had some interesting bruises, including a weird little patch of dark purple on the end.  I didn’t give it any thought, at first, but as the day wore on the finger got a little sore and a little more swollen. I gave it some ice every now and again.

By the time I decided it might be best to take the ring off in case the finger got any more swollen, it was too late. I couldn’t force it across the tender joint and I’m sure the damn thing swelled up a little more in response to my anxiety. Not sure what I was anxious about, probably just the idea of having to have the ring cut off, as well as not being able to comfortably tape the finger to its neighbour because of the ring.

I didn’t need to ring my Dad to recall the story of his mother, the washing, the bee and the only time she took off her wedding ring when it was cut off due to the swelling.

Mrs Cricket intervened at about 2 in the afternoon. “Just ice it, then rub detergent all over your finger – it should come straight off,” she said. And she was right, of course.

Relieved of its silver straight jacket, the finger seemed to stop throbbing and reduce in size almost immediately.  I forgot all about it until I bashed if against the side of the car when I finally gave up waiting for Son1.0 to unload the kits from the boot of the car as asked.

Apart from the finger, the general level of muscle pain is kind of there, but not terrible.


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