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Dad’s Cricket Diary – Oct 17 – Round 3 – Week 1

I’m not sure how we can avoid having days like today. When I grew up, the most that happened on any one Saturday was me vacuuming the pool and the family going out to have a BBQ with friends in teh evening.  Now, with an automatic pool cleaner picking up the leaves, you’d think we had less to do.

But no.

The local trash and treasure market happens twice a year, raising money for various charitable projects. A friend of ours had negotiated their way through the impenetrable bureaucracy of the organising committee and arranged for a “busking station” where people could perform during the day, all proceeds to one of the projects supported by the markets.

I’ve been playing a bit of guitar for a singer friend of mine at some open mic sessions this year, so we decided to put the songs we’ve sung together into a half-hour set to kick things off.  Son1.0 followed up with is first singer/guitarist public performance, then another couple of solo acts.  I had to leave to get to the game before Son2.0 and his two mates did their 45 minute set, but it was a raging success by all reports.  A lady sat listening to their whole set, threw a note into the instrument case at the end and asked them if they performed at parties. They decided they would perform at parties, gave her one of their phone numbers and drifted home on a cloud.

Not that the lady has rung yet – not for the want of checking the phone, which has been happening every five minutes all day, by all reports.

At the game, the Captain won the toss and we settled in for the afternoon. After the openers scratched around before getting out under double figures, the runs flowed from the middle order with No 3 making his 50 before getting bowled for the third time this year. There was a little hiccough in the middle order, and the team was placed precariously at 6/134.  The Big Men of the lower order took control, throwing their weight around with 5 fours each and scores in the mid thirties propelling the score towards it’s final total of 9/212.  I managed a not out and a score of 4, doubling the meagre 2 runs from my previous feeble effort and feeling a little more confident.

Feeling like a slow soak in the pool and a lazy BBQ when I got home, instead we woofed down some pizza and headed off to see an amateur musical. A friend had scored the lead role, and we wanted to show our support. If it hadn’t been for all that had gone before, I’d have been looking forward to it.

The show itself was quite impressive, with the production values exceeding the expectations set by the venue and the small crowd. I’m never sure how you should tackle an American show, but I’d have thought doing some adaptation of the script to a local setting, thus avoiding having an amateur cast fumble around with fake American accents, would be worth considering. It would have been no small effort to adapt this particular show, so who am I to say?

I think I made it through the show without falling asleep – this wasn’t easy, and me sticking to my diet and refusing to take a sugar blast at interval made the second half more that a little challenging.

Anyway, they did a good job and the kids enjoyed it.

Only half the weekend gone.


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