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Dad’s Cricket Diary – Oct 18 – Band Concert

Planning the weekend’s activities remains a challenge of the highest order, and I sometimes wish I had an Army logistics expert on hand to solve it for us.

Today was no exception, with various overlapping activities and transport requirements that involved making sure the right car with the right capacity was in the right place at the right time under the control of the right driver.

In the middle of this chaos was a school band concert. I had in my mind that this would be a two hour period sitting in once place relaxing.


It’s true that you tend to listen to these things through rose coloured ears when your own kids are playing but occasionally these things can be genuinely entertaining.

This was not one of those occasions.

Little Miss’ band is quite good, but the more junior bands tend to slug out their tunes with a failed attempt at military precision that becomes a bit samey after a while. The trap for the unwary today was that we have to sit through the most junior bands of four schools – count them, four – and let’s just say that they aren’t all showing the promise that will make you suspect that they might be listenable one day.  Unless, of course, you like hearing the sound of a piano falling down the stair accompanied by a bag-pipe player.

By the end of the concert the audience filed out into the sunshine looking like they’d just been forced to watch the Director’s Cut of The Sound of Music dubbed into Russian. The musicians and their siblings exploded into the afternoon sunshine with yelling, running about and demands for the silencing bribes that had been offered over the prevous few hours to be delivered NOW!  I reckon if you had an ice cream van set up outside the venue you’d have made an absolute killing.  A pop-up wine bar selling stiff gin and tonics likewise.

The family finally regrouped over Sunday night leftovers at about 7.

Reports from the cricket field were positive. Son1.0 brought up his debut 50 in senior cricket, but they had a tough afternoon with two of the team calling in sick. Phone calls, texts and facebook alerts failed to raise any extra fielders, and with the pitch an absolute road, they set to work bowling an off-side line to a 6-1 field.  The other team had its chances, but batted poorly by all reports falling 15 runs short of the chase with three wickets in hand.  Son1.0 bowled 8 overs, 0/15, which is a good return. His detailed description of an LBW appeal turned down by the opposition captain standing as Umpire was detailed and rather vehement, shall we say?

All I could get out of Sin2.0 was “Bowled really well, batting not so good.”

We all need a rest, but things ramp up tomorrow with a full week of stuff.  Mrs Cricket and I shoo-ed them off to bed at 9.30.


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